[Advent] Day 12 - Barn Decor Pt. 3

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    Day 12 is making me wanna delve into stall toys; Elin made us a beautiful set to admire! Also, one-thousand-and-one apologies for the lateness of this; We had to fight off Mr. Grinch :fist: :fist:

    This gift includes a delicious treat & toy for your horses-- Likits and Jolly Balls! Do I even have the words to describe how cute this all is? No. No, I do not. So just feast your eyes!

    But that's not all, because Elin even threw in an accessory Jolly Ball for our pons, alongside 6 poses for their use! Look at how precious :two_hearts: The accessory ball has been rigged to the 'L_Ear03' bone, and that by rotating and moving that bone in Blender you can make your own poses to fit the Jolly Ball! :horse:

    You'll find the decor objects under Horses & Miscellaneous Pets, the accessory ball under CAS & the poses are not poselisted; the names are in the table below. Note: Because of the accessory Jolly Ball's mapping, it will conflict with other accessories, so maybe leave your pons in the field with this one? Enjoy! :snowflake: :blue_heart:

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    ah_elin_Jollyball1 ah_elin_jollyball2 ah_elin_jollyball3 ah_elin_jollyball4 ah_elin_jollyball5 ah_elin_jollyball6a ah_elin_jollyball6b
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  • These are so great!

  • You all are killing me with these amazing gifts. I am so happy to be apart of a community with amazing people. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

  • You guys kill me with all the cuteness! And Elin, I have no words because I think I have already thrown all possible compliments to your direction. Keep spoiling us forever, plz??? :drooling_face: :heart_eyes: :santa_tone1:

  • Development Committee

    Oh my lord...I can't believe how spoiled we've been already this year! :heart_eyes:

  • ALL my pixelpons sends a LOT of carrot kisses (those that are wet and sticky :heart_eyes: ) to you as an big THANK YOU for these amazing gifts for all those goofballs <3 and I have already several ideas for new pics with these poses :heart_eyes:

  • Administrators

    10/10 I shrieked like a pterodactyl when I saw these, thank you so much! :heart: :soccer:

  • Breed Committee

    Im like crying rn. I'm so remaking my bay arab gelding whom i lost in march as a sim horse. He was a chronic cribber so we always had stall toys for him like jollyballs and slow-eat candies to keep him distracted.

  • This might be one of the cutest things I've ever seen, I love all those gifts, omg!!

  • PR Committee

    Elin, this community really does not deserve you at all :astonished: Our pixel pons will no longer be bored cooped up in their stalls, and those poses look awesome. Thank you so much! <3

  • Development Committee

    Just WOW!! :heart_eyes:

  • Amazing! <3 I can't wait to decorate with these :D

  • Time to load the game... Thank you, it's so cool!!

  • this year is GREAT for gifts! i'm in love :D

  • NJFGSHDHS THANK YOU SO MUCH ELIN! I cannot wait to see all the playful pictures people will make with these. And now I know what to give all horses at HF for christmas :christmas_tree: :gift: :santa:

  • On behalf of the staff at Lowmax who must contend with several horses with zero attention span, I wholeheartedly thank you for these. :heart: Eep, I have so many ideas! Blender is already calling my name. Thank you, Elin!

  • OMG THESE ARE PERFECT. Elin you spoil us :heart:

  • This is amazing! I made the likit last year in my advent calendar too :)

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