[Advent] Day 18 - Foal Fun Pt. 2

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    Day 18 closes the door on our foal gifts, with some HDness and hair from me, and a few more templates :eyes:

    So, in the foal HD mod I packaged with my most current HD mod version, it's just the adult version sized down. That's... Not very thrilling is it?

    Thanks to some crisp and excellent references, I give you a version of my HD mod that was made specifically for foals. With wrinkly little mouths and younger body detail, you'd just need to swap those files out for delicious babies.

    But don't worry because even if you're not a user of my HD mod suite I didn't leave you out, because I've also converted my donation drive tails to foals, and made a runty little mane to match! :haircut:

    To round it all off, @Samantha-Lockhart gave us a few more foal templates, one for warmbloods and one for arabians. I swear I'll have 20 of these babies running around :heart_eyes_cat: :heart_eyes_cat:

    You should ensure that you only have 1 copy of a foal HD mod in your game at a time, and you'll find the manes and tails where you expect, and the foal templates in the bin. Enjoy! :snowflake: :blue_heart:

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  • Administrators

    Cute foals everywhere!!!

  • I'm loving all the foal gifts! So ready for the babs to take over my game. :heart: Thanks for these, @Luke-Teth and @Samantha-Lockhart!

  • Development Committee

    More babies!! Thank you both for these, they're perfect!

  • @Breanna-Fahnestock said in [Advent] Day 18 - Foal Fun Pt. 2:

    LOVE IT.

    Does this new foal HD mod conflict with your original HD mod? I've not downloaded the winter HD mod and I mainly use your original so that's why I need to know. I cannot remember if your original is one file that has both Adult and Foal or if they are separate... I will assume if they are separate then yes they conflict. XD

    The original one I made is separate packages, so you'd remove the Foal HD file and replace it with the one marked Advent.

  • I am so excited for all these babies to be running around!

  • Omg i love !

  • Oh my gaawd :heart_eyes:

  • Aww, so cute! I need foals now :heart:

  • These look perfect, thank you! <3

  • Amazing, thank you :horse: <3

  • <3 those templates thankyou

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