[Advent] Day 21 - Do-It-Yourself

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    Day 21's had some presents fall from Santa's sleigh, get down-and-dirty with some DIY gifts from 2 contributors!

    @Samantha-Lockhart & @Nikki-Calvaria are here to provide movable markings, a coat pack, and Photoshop marking brushes so you can create a totally customized look!

    Up first is a set of DW markings by Nikki, who had this to say;

    Twelve more high-resolution moveable markings for you to make your own unique and detailed coats with no time spent pouring over photoshop! This is a new collection of spots, roaning, and flecks for you to add to your colorful pons. All the detail of those intricate sabino coats without any hassle. Enjoy!

    Second by the same lovely lady is a set of 9 cream coats for you to use for all your color needs! They range from the light-to-dark spectrum and look absolutely smashing! Looks like I'll be sneaking a perlino or two home...

    And finally, Samantha has gifted us marking makers with a new set of Photoshop brushes to use for our creations! Included are appaloosa brushes, roaning brushes, cattrack brushes, rough-edge brushes, and even an exceptional brush perfect for making rabicano!

    The brushes are installed through Photoshop, and the coats + markings are installed via .package in your Packages folder. Enjoy! :snowflake: :blue_heart:

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    The Markings

    alt text

    alt text
    The Brushes


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    Oh come on! Shakes fist I keep telling myself NO MORE HORSES but now..I need more :heart_eyes:

  • That's how you get me to do a HUGE AMOUNT of diluted broodmares.

  • Could I pretty pwease have the hex codes for the perlino mane/tail?

  • I......

    GASP This is just like squeals perfect! I just decided to add in more racers!

  • Amazing staff :D

  • What a wonderful gift's :heart: Thank you!

  • Thank you for these gifts ! :smiley:

  • Development Committee

    Lovely gifts, those coats look amazing! <3

  • The brushes! Oh, thank you so much!! :heart_decoration:

  • New brushes! Thank you for all of this!

  • Ok so the brushes, coats, and the markings are all amazing 😩

  • I have absolutely no words, these look fantastic and will definitely be used! Thank you for sharing <3

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