[Advent] Day 22 - Breed Templates Pt. 3

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    Day 22 is the thrilling conclusion to our breed template saga!

    @Kiha-Kim & @Andrea-Burdine are back to give us more gorgeous breed templates, this time with a gaited twist -- Peruvian Pasos & Tenessee Walkers (Or any gaited breed, really)! If you were curious about getting into some steppy-steppy pons in the new year, this is the day for you :heart:

    The TWH horse comes with an additional TOU, be sure to read below;

    Terms of Use:
    ā€¢ I strongly encourage anyone using this template to make minor changes so that each horse is unique. However, the template should be able to be registered as is.
    ā€¢ Do not put up for mass download, and please link back to me if sharing with anyone rather than giving them the file.
    ā€¢ Do not use this template for imports (or any other service) without making changes to it. Give credit where credit is due.

    You'll find both of these in your bin after installing, as per usual, please enjoy! :snowflake: :blue_heart:

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  • Administrators

    Gorgeous! :heart:

  • Banned

    I need the second one šŸ˜

  • Development Committee

    Beautiful templates, thank you! <3

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