[Advent] Day 24 - Bad Horse!

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    Day 24's sliding down your chimney, featuring some bad ponies and awkward situations...

    Our two contributors today are @Maxine-Spencer & @Erica-Ackerson, who have tucked some delightfully misbehaving poses under the tree this Christmas eve.

    The first gift is a pose-set featuring some bad habits, like cribbing, biting, fighting & pawing. Great for horses in rehab, aggressive horses, or horses having a disagreement!

    And the second gift today is a set of accident-over-jump poses, with 10 in total split between rider and mount. They'd be brilliant editions to your story pose collection!

    The 'Bad Reputation' posepack is poselisted but the Accident-Over-Jump posepack isn't, so refer to the codes on the images! And as always, be sure to enjoy! :snowflake: :blue_heart:

    And also, be sure to have an exciting Christmas eve :heart_decoration: Tomorrow is the last day of the Advent and I can't believe we've already gotten so far! :santa: :kiss: I hope you're excited for all the goodies...

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  • :eyes: :eyes:

  • Development Committee

    Mm more poses! These are perfect! Thank you both! <3

  • Banned

    So nice! Merry Christmas tho! ❤️🎁

  • Merry Christmas!!! Huge thank you to all the creators that contributed to the Advent Calendar and stocking stuffers!!!

    Also needed to add:

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  • Development Committee

    Can't wait to use these, thanks so much!! <3

  • LOVE! what are the codes for the bad reputation posepack? i have so many poses i have to use pose by name now LOL

  • @Selene-Boutsikaris
    In the order they are in under the main preview pic:
    ah_Absaroka_Vices_Fight1-1 (horse on left)
    ah_Absaroka_Vices_Bite1-1 (horse on left)

  • @Maxine-Spencer bless you <3

  • These are amazing, thank you for sharing <3

  • thankyou for creating these <3

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