[Advent] MERRY CHRISTMAS! (Day 25 - Winter Riding + Goodies!)

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    HAPPY HOLIDAYS! The Equus Advent has finally come to an end. I'm completely overwhelmed and thrilled we got this far, and I hope me and the other Advent contributors were able to make your celebrations that much more cheerful! :heartpulse:

    @Maxine-Spencer, @Elin-Fredriksdotter and myself contributed to this special day. And there is a lot, so prepare...

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    For starters we have 'Spin Me', a barrel racing pose set by Maxine! As today's theme is winter riding it felt appropriate to spoil our Western friends on this day. There are 12 poses in total; split between horses and riders, 3 pairs are for doing those nailbiting turns around the barrels and the other 3 are for that stressful run for home!

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    Next up is a joint gift between myself and Elin. She did the mesh, I did the textures -- 3d Quartersheets are here! First things first; These are gonna look wonky in CAS. The textures are HQ (Of course they are :kissing_closed_eyes:) but the size allocated for them on the map isn't that big and is a bit squished. Rest easy; they look great in game! Secondly, these will obviously not fit with Elin's 3d pads. These are meant to be the draped version of them anyhow, so no worries there! There are two versions of these, one to fit the SJ saddle and one to fit the Dressage saddle. They come in 3 presets, each with different pattern tiling so your blankets look just right. There are 3 channels and they're found under breastplates.

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    Another gift from myself, and boy it's a passion project. Let's just say that the variation of breeches was beginning to... Bore me. So I whipped up this set for you all! It's 2 styles of breeches -- One with a recolourable seat and one without -- Made for both Males and Females (So this time both get a slice of the action!) and they have deliciously HD goodness :wink: One even has a belt for those who need one. They fit all sizes wonderfully, and will pair nicely with whatever you throw at them! :muscle:

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    Everything is cyclical! Elin provided us with two more bell boots on Christmas day. These one are lovely wrap-arounds that come in plan and sheepskin versions, for optimal warmth in the snow and optimal cool-ness in the summer :sunglasses: You'll find them in breastplates with custom thumbnails to make your search easier!

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    Quartersheets not your style? You wanna keep those booties warm but you also really wanna use that expensive saddlepad Grandma got you? The halfblankets have you covered! Elin made us these delightfully scrunched back riding blankets to sit on the butt of our horses for the ~ aesthetic ~. And also because they do genuinely look amazing. :fire: :heart: The only downside to this amazingness is that these will not play nicely with other accessories due to their mapping. You'll have to use some creative photoshop picture merging to get them present with others if you so desire that look.

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    And finally, last from Elin is another amazing bridle, for those long wintery hacks out. This one is rolled leather, flat-brow-banded and deliciously detailed, featuring flash/no flash & bling/no bling versions. Diamonds are a horse's best friend after all, and you'll be turning heads in the show ring with these babies on your pon heads. :ring:

    Again, I would just like to say; A massive thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone in this community. I love you all, big and small, and I'm stoked for what 2018 has in store for us! Ho ho ho :santa:


  • I know it's Boxing Day, don't stone me...

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    Today's gifts look incredible, and you guys are AMAZING! I know how hard you worked for months to get Advent out the door, and I just want to thank you both for devoting so much of your free time to making sure Equus had an amazing holiday season in 2017. Equus does't deserve you, but I'm damn glad we have you. :heart: :champagne_glass: :christmas_tree:

  • Thank you guys so much for everything! I know everyone working on this has been busting their butts trying to get everything ready and it really has paid off. Thank you so much for all of your had work! Now go take a break @Luke-Teth sleep for the next 10 years or so :D

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    Thank you

    from the bottom of my heart, for providing equus with such amazing content & making the holiday season so spectacular for all of us.

  • Best boxing day gift ever!!!

    sidenote, though, the breeches aren't included in the download

  • @Holden-Guinness said in [Advent] MERRY CHRISTMAS! (Day 25 - Winter Riding + Goodies!):

    Best boxing day gift ever!!!

    sidenote, though, the breeches aren't included in the download

    Yeah, seems I had too much eggnog... The .rar is updating now, check back in 5 or so mins! :joy:

    UPDATE: It went through :ok_hand: Everything is in there now lol

  • Thank you for wonderful gifts! :heart:

  • Banned

    Thank you so much for sharing and creating this incredible stuff for us! :heart:

  • Thank you all for your effort and these amazing gifts! Love you all <3

  • It doesn't exist words that fit how grateful I'm feeling over being this spoiled with all these amazing stuffs that have been made for all of us through 2017 season calendar, how are we gonna top this next year?! Truly AMAZING!! <3 <3 HUUUUUUGE thank to everyone that have put down so much time and effort in all these stuffs , THANK YOU everyone! <3

  • Just amazing stuff!! Thank you all <3

  • This is truly AMAZING! Thank you SO much for all these great things! <3

  • Oooh we so spoiled....

  • Development Committee

    Beyond worth the wait! Everything this year has been amazing, I can't imagine how much time and effort was put into every little detail. CC creators, you're much appreciated <3

    And Luke, all the hard work and time you've put into making this advent happen is greatly appreciated <3 Now, off with you! Get that much needed rest!

  • AMAZING OMG this is worth a scream - I can't wait to put these in my game when I get my new computer - it will be smooth and my horsies will be spoiled

  • These are all AMAZING!!! Thank you for all your hard work & thank you to everyone who contributed♥️♥️

  • These are amazing!!! 😍
    Thank you all for spoiling us this holiday season ❤️

  • Thank you all for a wonderful advent! :kissing_cat: :sparkling_heart:

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  • Everything here is just perfect, everything in the advent this year was amazing. Thank you so much to everyone who created something! (Also omg those half blankets and the horses modeling them :drooling_face: :heart:)

  • This is all so amazing, thank you so much to everyone who contributed! (side note; does anyone know where to find the open front boots in the image with the sheepskin bell boots?)

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