Have you ever?

  • To those simmers who use art tablets, have you ever misplaced your art tablet? I have, haven't seen it since Christmas and I'm actually freaking out badly. I've asked my cousin, and my aunt said no one has found it. Getting so paranoid because I tend to just lose my pen. HOW DID I LOSE MY TABLET!
    Least I have back up plans to get a new one soon...

  • Uh-oh, that's bad news! How in the world did you manage that??

  • I have no clue! Like I checked all my bags that I had packed down when I went to my grandpa's house. My cousin is going to do a walk through of his house to see if she finds it. Can only hope she does or I find it, if no one does then I'll have to buy a new one when I get my paycheck.

  • Breed Committee

    I've only ever misplaced it while it was in the box. If it's not plugged in or tucked neatly by my computer in a designated spot, it's put away in it's box in a safe spot. I learned my lesson and don't leave it anywhere it doesn't belong now!

  • I used to place mine next to my laptop at night since I used it more of a hard surface for my mouse than anything else. My cousin is going to do a deep search of my grandpa's house to see if anything turns up.

  • We found it. Was by the fireplace with a magazine stack. Now I have to wait a week to get it.

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