Trail rides

  • On a brighter note I would love to read stories of everyone out on their trail rides(hacks?) with their horse or friends.

    Today was the first time I took Tulio off property, it took a few circles and a lot of whacks to his butt to get him to understand that I'm the boss and we are going off property, but I took that fat marshmallow off property with 2 other boarders! He was full of SO MUCH energy even though it's been ages since he was off property. Normally I hold the reins loose while I'm trail riding but I couldn't with Tulio, he would take advantage of that and try to take off(which he almost did when we went up a hill trotting). I'm honestly scared to have him canter out on the trail because I've not cantered him in the arena yet(I probably will tomorrow before heading out with another boarder named Rob). But the weather was up in the 60's so the horses worked up a sweat, especially the fat marshmallow, he was so sweaty that his dirty showed.
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