Champagne in Oldenburgs

  • This seems like an odd concept, but I've actually found one by accident -- St. Champana Amore, a 2015 Amber Champagne Oldenburg filly.

    alt text (At the bottom)

    The site states that she is the first foal to recieve a Premium status (Presumably from the registry) of an 8.2 and is one of only 2 Champagne Oldenburgs in the world who doesn't have any stock, 'gaited' or draft blood.

    The stud also owns her dam Bank on Love, a half-arabian mare who has been approved for breeding with ISR Oldenburg. You might have noticed I put quotes around 'gaited' above, and that's because Bank on Love is 1/2 Arabian and 1/2 American Saddlebred, so I'm not sure what the stud meant by this filly having no gaited blood, but either way Bank on Love is an approved breeding mare with the Oldenburg registry. The site page on her lists a few more of her breeding credentials if you're so inclined. She's apparently in foal to the sire of St. Champana so perhaps there will be 3 Champagne Oldenburgs in the world by 2018.

    alt text (6th down)

    Additionally, this stud is selling Champana's full sibling, Shampagne Love, the only other Amber Champagne Oldenburg. She doesn't have scores listed, but the stud claims that is she only Champagne Oldenburg (Besides St. Champana) filly 'eligible for Main Mare Book approval with OLDna, and any other Warmblood registry in the world.' to quote the site.

    alt text (5th down)

    So in conclusion, it appears as though Champagne is an actual gene in the Oldenburg breed now. It's extremely rare -- 2 (soon to be 3 maybe) carriers in existence, so it would be a rare modifier under the MBL. Hopefully this is all correct!

  • Doesn't that then mean that breeds such as SWBs, Hanos and KWPN could become affected since they can all interbreed? (If I'm not mistaken).

  • @Breanna-Fahnestock said in Champagne in Oldenburgs:

    Doesn't that then mean that breeds such as SWBs, Hanos and KWPN could become affected since they can all interbreed? (If I'm not mistaken).

    In the future, maybe -- Getting that approved would need evidence of Champagne existing in those breeds, though, and these Champagnes are just babies.

  • @Breanna-Fahnestock
    Sadly, nope
    Because you'd still need to find an example of champ kwpn/hano/whatever

  • Sadly all of these are ISR-OLD registered which is what our International Sporthorse is based on and not OLDBG registered which would be what evidence is needed to change Oldenburg. Confusing names, but not the same warmblood. Which is why there is blood from American Saddlebred and likely where the champagne came from (checked; it is). OLDBG does not accept American Saddlebred. So, for this site, they would all be International Sporthorses and not Oldenburgs.

    As an aside, not all American Saddlebreds are gaited, so all that likely means is the ASB that the champagne came from just wasn't gaited itself.

  • Just to confirm, Aylet is right... Wrong Oldenburg :p

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