Rabicano in Warmbloods

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    UPDATE: I have bolded horses who I consider unconditionally rabicano. Other examples lack satisfactory photographic evidence and rely on owner accounts, and are included to demonstrate connections, gene origins and expression patterns. Horses without a W gene appear to show little or no signs of rabicano.

    Notably: Hanoverians, Oldenburgs, Westphalians, KWPN, Belgian Warmblood

    This is a WIP while I gather more evidence (and I encourage others to add their own as they find it).

    In researching rabicano in warmbloods, I have come across a number of individuals from a particular stallion, Freestyle (Westphalian, approved for breeding with Hanoverian, Oldenburg, KWPN, among others) who appears to have thrown a couple of rabicano offspring despite not appearing to express the gene phenotypically himself.

    Freestyle's page
    Freestyle's pedigree

    As you can see, no evident rabicano, but given we aren't actually sure how this gene passes/expresses there could be more to it. He shows no evidence of a W gene.

    His offspring that I have found to express the rabicano gene are the following, there are others that may however as foals it can be very difficult to determine without loud expression, and adult pictures are rarely provided.

    Flashpoint DSF (Oldenburg, App Hanoverian breeding) - Very rabicano
    Owned by the same farm as her dam, used as a broodmare. A bay mare who also appears to have a W gene of some kind (may enhance the expression of the rabicano gene?) which seems more likely to have come from her dam.
    Better images of her skunk tail are found in her offspring galleries here, here, and very clearly seen in this video of her son who looks like he may have also inherited the gene however it's also too early / poor quality to definitively tell.

    Florissant (Oldenburg) - Very rabicano,
    Also has a very defined skunk tail, reg as Oldenburg but little detail available on his dam. Pedigree is here.

    Calypso (NA KWPN) - Very rabicano
    Very skunky.

    A fourth filly, Ebon's Freedance has been quoted in connection to the skunk tail gene on a forum here, however it's hard to tell conclusively from the picture on the website.

    One of Freestyle's sons, Farscape DSF also appears to have sired a rabicano colt, Forastero (reg Oldenburg). The mare in the photo with him does not appear to be his dam, but another mare owned by the farm, both seen further down the page here.

    Whimczical (Oldenburg) is the loudest rabicano mare in this list, also with a very obvious W gene. Her sire, Alla'Czar (KWPN), also expresses rabicano ticking on his flank and shows a W gene. The rabicano (and likely W) seems to have come from Alla'Czar's sire line, as his grandsire, Arlequin, is an Anglo Arab, implicating his sire, Zeus (Selle Francais) as well, although no pictures are available.

    Whimczical has thrown a number of W babies, however Red Letter Day (ISR/Oldenburg) is the only one I can visually confirm having rabicano as a foal. She also shows a W gene, and her sire is Redwine (Hanoverian), another horse associated with the rabicano gene with his former owner confirming that he and another stallion, Aloha (Oldenburg) had white hairs and flecking. Some of this can be seen in photos, but not clearly. Both stallions clearly have the W gene. Redwine's pedigree is mostly Hanoverians, however his damsire is an Anglo Arabian, suggesting a source of the gene.

    Alla'Czar also threw another rabicano filly, Ama'czon, registered with confirmed German Oldenburg Verband. Despite the poor image quality, she is described as a 'bay roan' (obviously not a true roan) with flecking on her flanks and in her tail. You can see more obvious evidence of this in her inspection photo here.

    Alla'Czar x

    One of Alla'Czar's sons, Balta'Czar (Int-Old, approved for Belgian WB), despite showing W and no indications of rabi, produced a rabicano daughter Gi'Czelle JSF (Belgian Warmblood). She shows a clear skunk tail and extensive flank and barrel roaning, and has a W gene. Another Balta'Czar daughter, Bellissima ( Zweibrücker ), shows the W gene as well as rabicano roaning and 'ribbing' on her barrel.

  • Is the tail the only evidence for rabicano in the first examples? I cannot see any flecking and I'm making sure I'm not missing it. Some of the images seem to be of young horses/foals and wonder if it is an effect of the "foal flaxen." As far as the last example, as I explained here, that registry would not be the same Oldenburg registry that evidence would be needed from.

    Does Whimczical have an ISR-OLD or OLDBG registry? I ask because I don't see it specified and while the pedigree query says Oldenburg, so did it for the offspring of the champagne ISR-OLD registered horse from the previous post (which had America Saddlebred blood and still was able to be called "Oldenburg" on a search because of ISR-OLD registration).

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    As flecking can be also attributed to W genes (and is harder to see in photos), the skunk tails are better evidence, and what I was asked to provide more so than flecking when providing evidence for this gene in Marwaris. Skunk tails in rabicanos are quite distinct from gulastra plumes or from wild bay tails (both of which are stronger at the bottom of the tail not the top), making this factor easiest to identify. It also has known interaction with W genes, demonstrated in many of these examples. Given that rabicano is notorious for not showing up for a number of years except in louder cases and many of these offspring only have foal pictures, I've only included foals with white flecking on their flanks separate to foal shading. Red Letter Day was included more as an example and confirmation of gene behaviour within these individuals.

    I have contacted the owners of Whimczical and Forastero to try and acquire confirmation of registry and adult pictures respectively. Will update with any results.

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    I've received a reply from Forastero's owner, and she has kindly sent me detailed and updated pictures of him now. He's definitely a fabulous looking black rabicano, and is registered with the German Oldenburg Verband. His dam (seen here further down the page) shows no signs of rabicano nor has she thrown any other rabicano offspring, confirming that this gene comes from Farscape (Westphalian) and his sire, Freestyle (Westphalian).

    These pictures are current as of October 2017. They show extensive ticking on his flank and a pronounced skunk tail. He also has 4 whites and what appears to be a lip spot, suggesting the presence of a W gene.

    alt text

    Album here

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    Updating with the most extreme examples of rabicano in warmbloods:

    Gi'Czelle JSF
    Balta'Czar x Melody Van Sint Maarten
    Belgian warmblood

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    Rabicano accepted in Oldenburg and Belgian Warmblood- more evidence needed for other breeds listed here. To prove rabicano I would like to see defined rib striping- flanking on the hips when there is an obvious W gene present is not enough evidence for rabicano. Feel free to post a new topic if you find more evidence.

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