2.5 Horse Change /Error Forms

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    2.5 Horse Change Forms

    Before you do anything else, enter your horse's ID in the Lookup Tool or browse the Approved Horses List to check your horses current details.

    The Improved Lookup Tool (It's faster than before!)

    The Approved Horses List

    Change Forms

    • Discipline Change Form
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      Use this form to change your horse's declared disciplines. If they don't have any disciplines declared, this is where you add them. If you want to retire a horse, use this form and enter the new disciplines as 'none'

    • Grade Horse Make-up
      Raw List
      Use this form to explain the breed percentages of your grade or mixbred-type horse (eg Grade (Baroque), International Sporthorse, Quarab).

    • Horse Name Change Form
      Raw List
      Use this form to have your horse's name changed

    • Pedigree Link Form
      Raw List
      Use this form to link your horse to its parents and grandparents, to make sure it gets the bonuses it should.
      Note: this form checks the breeds of the parents being added to make sure they make sense for the horse. Because of this it will show either an 'Approved!' or 'Denied...' message which refer only to whether the breeds of the parents are appropriate, and does not mean the change is complete. When the change is completed, a Y will be displayed in the first column. Thanks for your patience!

    • 2.0 Transfer Error Form
      Raw List
      Use this form if your horse is missing points or levels from its 2.0 association leaderboards, or if your horse is showing up as unregistered and it was accepted by a breed association on 2.0

    • 2.5 Error Form
      Raw List
      Use this form any errors or bugs you see in the current 2.5 system (eg - Leaderboards not showing correctly, horses missing points earned on 2.5, anything else!)

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