[WINNERS Dec 24th] Money Raffle

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    Welcome to this merry little Christmas raffle, in the attempt of giving something back to this wonderful community during the giving season :mrs_claus_tone1:


    This raffle will have three winners, each will win $20,000 which was kindly donated by some thoughtful little elves yesterday. I have enough money to fund my hoarding habit so the money has been rolled over to this raffle.


    To enter, simply fill out the form below and hope luck is on your side! The top three winners will each receive $20,000. The raffle will close on Christmas Eve (24th) and I will try and announce the winners on Christmas Day. This should give everyone enough time to see this and enter, since time zones can often make things hard work.


    In the spirit of fairness there are a few rules -
    You can only enter once. You must provide your full forum name, which of course by Equus rules must be the same as your main-site name.
    You may only enter this raffle if you have less than $60,000 in your main site bank. The form asks for your main site profile link and I will check every entrant's bank balance before the raffle is drawn. I would rather this money go to people who need it, rather than just want it.


    Feel free to ask any questions, I have probably forgotten something. Good luck to you all! <3

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  • What a great idea, you are an Angel, Sweetie ❤

  • Thank you so much for this great opportunity! <3

  • thank you so much for this opportunity!

  • What a wonderful idea <3 I might borrow the idea in the future <3

  • PR Committee

    Just as a reminder, please only enter when you have a main site account....no point in entering and winning money if you don't even have an account here. The link you paste on the entry-form should be for your main site account only, not your forum account. Two entrants so far are going to be removed / disqualified due the wrong account / no main site account being provided, so please make sure you link to the right one.
    Thanks! <3

  • What a Awsome Idea, How generous <3!

  • PR Committee

    I closed this earlier this morning, and finally had the time to sit and use the randomizer to decide the winners -

    so congrats to @Vivien-Stone, @Allison-Person and lastly..... @Caroline-Delacort. You will each find $20,000 in your bank account in the next day or two.

    Thanks to everyone who entered, and Merry Christmas <3

  • Thank you!!! An congrats

  • Thank you sooo much!! Merry Christmas!

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