[Winners announced!] Lindens Money Raffle

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    We wish you a merry christmas, we wish you a merry christmas
    we wish you a merry christmas and
    a Happy New Year...

    I got this lovely idea from my dear friend @Callixta-Rosella and with her permission I've also borrowed a couple of rules <3

    We are gonna raffle out some money for the members that don't have so much in their bank account and is struggling to earn more. We are gonna raffle out $20.000 each to 3 members.

    There are some rules though! You can only enter once and you have to have a main site account. Enter the raffle with your full name which is the same as on the main site and link to your main site profile, not your forum profile. Only enter if you have less than $60.000 on your bank account, as Calli said: we would rather see the money go to people who need it, rather than just want it <3

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  • <3 You are simply amazing! <3 This is a great opportunity. Thanks for that!

  • Just a note: Make sure you get the right link to your main account :slight_smile: The link has to end with id=#### where #### is your ID number :slight_smile:

  • PR Committee

    This is so kind of you to do this Tess <3

  • Thank you so much for this!! However, I am unsure of where to find my profile ID

  • @Vanessa-Hutchinson said in [ENDS Dec 23rd] Lindens Money Raffle:

    Thank you so much for this!! However, I am unsure of where to find my profile ID


    If you login first, then click the magnifying glass icon, search your name, it will be listed next to it :wink:

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  • @Charlie-Smith oh thanks!
    I fixed my application! Thanks!

  • I suggest that everyone that knows that they've sent in an application look in the raw list and double check that everything is right with the application to be sure that you have a chance to win some money :slight_smile:

  • And the winners are.....

    Congrats, and Merry Christmas <3

  • Holy shit—I haven’t even gotten a chance to post an intro yet and I’ve won a raffle!? Thank you so much! And double thanks for making such a generous opportunity for us! :heart:

  • Oh wow, thank you so much! <3

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