[ENDED] Whippoorwill Estate - New Year's Arabian Auction

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    2017 Arabian Sale

    New forum, new year, new batch of horses looking for new homes! Welcome to our first public sale of Arabians. On the auction block today we have 6 lovely horses ready to start their careers in your stable! All 6 horses come with mainsites, but as discipline is up to the new owners they have not been registered. All 6 also have custom white markings!

    This sale will end on January 25th at 11:59 PM EST. However, any horses that receive bids on the 25th will turn into 24 hour ALB auctions. This is only to ensure no one loses out on a horse because someone else was able to bid at the last minute. Horses that do not receive bids on the 25th will end at midnight.

    Starting bid for all is $5,000. Min bid is $1,000, no max bid, no autobuy.

    -Horses may not be listed for mass download.
    -Coat or conformation may not be used at templates for other horses. Conformation may be used as a base for offspring only.
    -You must keep my WPW prefix. Do not change their names.
    -You are welcome to give them parents if you wish.
    -I am not extremely strict about activity, but the horse needs to be entered in at least an R show here and there. I will inquire about buying the horse back if it seems to be ignored for 4 months.
    -Shine markings, detail markings (such as eye detail and body shade) and mane/tail styles can be changed, but please don't edit conformation or mane and tail color.
    -Horses can be gelded/bred/sold at your discretion, but please contact me before you sell in case I wish to buy it back.
    -Please use my ID (9006) as the creator ID when registering them.
    -Do not list my markings for mass download.
    -All of my markings have a distinct thumbnail with the horse's name. Therefore, you have no excuse to use any of the markings intended for a specific horse on another! If you do reuse, distribute, or otherwise disrespect my markings you will not be permitted to buy from me again.
    -Put your favorite book character in your first bid so I know you read all my rules <3

    WPW Antigone



    Black Splash mare

    Annie is a mare as sweet and demure as she is gorgeous. She is prone to shyness, however- she is terrified of dogs and plastic bags and any smell that strikes her as suspicious. While she is small, a frightened horse is not a force to be reckoned with, so it's best that she go to a stable prepared to handle a timid mare.

    WPW Ladon



    Blood Bay stallion

    Ladon is a clever stallion with a personality as rich as his coat. He would be an excellent buy for someone searching for a horse that is a companion as well as a mount. He would not be good as an only horse, however- he is a social creature and needs a pasture buddy, or three. Also be mindful that he has a habit of biting when his girth is tightened; be ready to train some bad habits out of him!

    WPW Delilah



    Dark Bay Dominant White mare

    Seeing Delilah sold will be bittersweet for Whippoorwill- on one hand, we adore this loudly-colored mare and her powerful personality. However, that large personality also makes her a bit of a pain around the stable. Delilah is a princess (in her opinion) and anyone who tires to stop her from getting her way is in danger of a anything from a sour look to a nasty bite. Our handlers have started to break these unpleasant habits out of this stunning mare, but be warned that a firm hand is a must-have in her new home!

    WPW Zephyr



    Flaxen Liver Chestnut stallion

    We are finding it very hard to let go of Zee. This chocolate-colored stallion has found his way into all of our hearts with his gentle soul and expressive face. He would be an excellent buy for a stable searching for a mount for a timid rider- while he has all the talent to secure a fruitful career, he also takes care of his rider. Our trainers have taken to calling him 'Momma Bird' for his desire to keep his riders safe. His one shortcoming is that he's terrified of sudden noises, so a large bustling stable might not be his ideal home.

    WPW Thalia



    Chestnut mare

    Thalia is your stereotypical chestnut, with a personality as fiery as her coat. Don't let that scare you off, though- while she is quick to anger she has a heart of gold. She is a naturally curious creature, she adores going on trail rides and discovering new lands. She also loves going for swims! She'd be an excellent buy for a rider who loves adventure as much as she does.

    WPW Moros



    Grey Sabino stallion

    "Laid-back" doesn't truly cover the attitude of this grey stallion. While he's not exactly lazy, there are definitely some days where he simply can't be bothered to work. When he's motivated to actually work properly, you can tell he's full of talent. However those days are very rare (especially when there's any sort of weather. Good luck dragging him out to the ring in the rain) While his calmness makes him a stable and trustworthy mount, his stubbornness can make him a frustrating one. For best results, we suggest a trainer as tenacious as he is!

    All in-game photos were taken with Reshade on. DOF effect is in-game, and photos have not been edited. CAS pictures were taken without Reshade effects and have not been edited.

    WPW Antigone: $16,000 - Lythaera Bohm - SOLD
    WPW Ladon: $75,000 - Jess McEnulty - SOLD
    WPW Delilah: $52,000 - Adrian Gresham - SOLD
    WPW Zephyr: $46,000 - Sato Akebe - SOLD
    WPW Thalia: $75,000 - Neeve Kalford - SOLD
    WPW Moros: $80,000 - Neeve Kalford - SOLD

    WPW Antigone: 23:59 January 25th
    WPW Ladon: 1:25 January 28th
    WPW Delilah: 8:09 January 26th
    WPW Zephyr: 8:58 January 27th
    WPW Thalia: 20:58January 27th
    WPW Moros: 1:11 January 30th

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    SB - WPW Zephyr

    Mr. Grey - Fifty Shades of Grey - no shame here ;D

  • yo im trash

    6k - WPW Zephyr
    damn u
    this will be war

    Geralt of Rivia is Fine As All Hell You Hear Me :tongue: :sweat_drops: :eggplant:

  • Administrators

    WHY!? Whhy you choose dis one?! :joy:

    WPW Zephyr - 10k

  • :nail_care:

    11k - WPW Zephyr

  • WPW Ladon - SB
    WPW Delilah - SB

    Favorite Character is Alaska from Looking for Alaska

  • WPW Delilah -$6,000

    Noah Calhoun -The Notebook (novel)

  • WPW Delilah-7000

    Dean Winchester in the Supernatural novel series

  • WPW Zephyr- 15k!
    Bisk <3

  • I must have one.

    Sb on WPW Thalia & WPW Antigone

    That's tough, but probably Tobias (or Four) from Divergent.

  • I cannot resist.

    $6000 WPW Antigone

    Gonna have to say Percy Jackson. :)

  • PR Committee

    6k - WPW Ladon
    SB - WPW Moros

    Arya Stark

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    All accepted! Leading bids posted :smile:

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    WPW Zephyr - 20k

  • WPW Zephyr- 23k

  • Administrators

    WPW Moros - 10k

    WPW Zephyr - 25k

  • 7k WPW Ladon

    6k WPW Thalia

    (Dean Winchester form the Supernatural book series! My fav!) :heart:

  • 6k Thalia
    7k Antigone :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

  • WPW Zephyr- 29k

  • Administrators

    WPW Zephyr - 30k

  • 7k on Thalia please :heart_eyes:

    (Dante - The Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri)

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