[ENDS 1/13] Boutsikaris Stud December Sale - ENDED

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    ends 1/13/2018 at 11:59pm EST
    Boutsikaris Stud is offering a few select warmbloods for sale. Some of Greece's best, these horses are sure to make their new owners proud. Most horses come with pedigrees and bonuses as well as main site profiles.

    Terms of Sale

    • Please do not alter the horse's coat. Altering shine is ok.
    • Do not change the show name, barn name is ok.
    • Mane and tail styles can be changed. Color cannot.
    • You can not use the horse's template or coat for another horse.
    • No mass downloading of the horse or its template.
    • Their suffix must remain NC
    • ACTIVE show home is a must.
    • To show you read the rules, include your favorite breed of horse with your application.
    • You can change the horse's discipline; for those w/ bonuses & bred for a certain discipline, not recommended.
    • If you decide to sell, notify me first. 9x out of 10, I'll take the horse back.
    • If the horse is presented as a foal, you will be sent the adult conformation.

    Perama NC
    ee Aa nSb Trakehner filly
    Where's the Rum NC - Project Alice NC
    Perama NC

    "Sassy" as she is known is the first foal for her dam Project Alice NC. Sassy is, as her barn name suggests, sassy. She is a little diva who loves to show off and be the center of attention. If she isn't the center of attention, she does let her displeasure be known. Besides her being a diva, she is wicked smart and took to halter training like a pro. She is best suited for Eventing as both of her parents are titled and will offer bonuses in such. Minimum price is $5,000.
    CAS Photo 1; CAS Photo 2; CAS Photo 3; CAS Photo 4; Unedited Foal Photo; Adult Conformation; Main Site

    Anaximander NC
    Ee Aa Trakehner colt
    Aristotle NC - Kamyrah NC

    "Xander" is the first foal of his dam who is an Eventing State Champion and is the second foal for his sire as well who is a Regional Champion in both Dressage and Eventing. They're both actively competing so any bonuses they give will increase! Xander is named for the Greek philosopher Anaximander and he is very appropriately named. Xander is very inquisitive in new surroundings and when in a new and unfamiliar situation, he likes to stand stoically with his head high and ears up taking in the sights and smells. He LOVES to work and be kept busy. If he's left with nothing to occupy his mind, Xander has been known to jump fences to find something to do. This can sometimes be a challenge while he is under saddle as he can quickly get bored if the same pattern or direction is used too many times. His favorite treat is Twizzlers and he's the perfect gentleman when taking treats out of your hand. His ground manners are impeccable; he doesn't pull on the lead or walk in front of you. He's great under saddle but would be best suited for a rider who is experienced.
    CAS Photo 1; CAS Photo 2; Main Site

    Aesculapius NC
    Ee Aa Trakehner stallion
    Antritt NC - Warrior Princess NC

    "Archie" as he is known is a very calm, quiet stallion, so much so he is turned out with a couple of geldings. He looks after his rider and has so far done moderately well in Eventing with 53pts and $4,820 in earnings. Archie just needs to find the right home that can propel him to the top. He's always willing to please with a heart made of gold. His favorite treat is Twinkies and knows the wrinkling sound the wrapper makes.
    CAS Photo 1; CAS Photo 2; Main Site

    Baldouin NC
    ee Aa Swedish Warmblood stallion
    Brynjar NC - Elektra NC

    "Bal" is a total sweetheart! He loves cuddles and being around his sim. Bal is the first foal of both of his parents who are both Regional Champions in Dressage and they continue to show so their bonuses will increase! Bal really tries to please his rider and loves being given a job to do. He inherited his sire's massive shoulder and hindquarters while he has the floaty, smooth trot of his dam. He'll make someone a dressage superstar!
    CAS Photo 1; CAS Photo 2; Foal Photo 1; Foal Photo 2

    Apply Here


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    Selene Plz

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    Oh boy more Trakehners :heart_eyes: I will be applying!

  • Sooooooo tempteddddd

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    Perama NC is wonderful :heartbeat:

  • selene why

    for perama AND because you put up yet another antritt baby. wh y

  • @Siri-Kane hehehehe

  • when the applyy form will be up ?

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    @Katherine-Star-Ackles It's already up...when you click on the Apply Here link, you need to take out the first letter in the start of the URL for it to work

  • @Katherine-Star-Ackles holy crapola, I didn't realize it wasn't working properly....i fixed it :)

  • new horse added!

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    I hate you I love him but I don't want to put you up to favoritism :sob:

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    I want to apply for one of these babes but I would like to see pics and some info on the last boy!

  • @Johanna-Masters no worries! i was actually quite sick and didn't have a chance to get everything up of Anaximander...the sale is going to be extended.

  • sale has been extended and there will be another horse added!

  • information for Anaximander has been posted!

  • would totally apply if they weren't Trakehner's. I don't breed those and rly don't need to get into another breed haha. Sooooo tempting though. I especially like Aesculapius.

  • @Breanna-Fahnestock there is a swedish warmblood who will be added and possibly an international sporthorse or two :)

  • Another horse has been added!

  • I applied! They're all stunning!

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