Merry Christmas Sarah Fischer!

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    Merry Christmas Sarah! I saw that you had been wanting a tobiano and overo marking and so decided to make you a few! Each marking is hand made with time and care and I hope you are able to use them to make pretty horses. I am sorry if the overo markings are a little much I tried my best but as a stock breeder myself I tend to create with a lot of white.

    0_1513281783879_Tobiano font.png
    0_1513281792577_Tobiano S1 2.jpg
    0_1513281804121_Tobiano S2 1.jpg
    0_1513281818281_Tobiano S3 2.jpg

    0_1513281836648_Overo font.png
    0_1513281909457_Overo S1 1.jpg
    0_1513281923719_Overo S2 1.jpg

    Just DM me whenever you get the chance and I will give you the link to download your markings xD

  • Who does not love colorful horses?!? >:D

  • OMG, thank you so much, these are so beautiful! I'll use them as soon as possible ^^

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