[Ended] 12 Stall Stable

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    • Do not claim as your own(give credit to me)
    • You are welcome to make any changes to this lot
    • Do not mass upload or share with your friends

    This was a spur of the moment build for me and I just loved how it turned out in the end I hope whoever wins loves it too! This lot is saved as a community lot, it also will cost $112,000 to move in furnished.
    This stable has 12 stalls. I didn't add anything to it besides the cross ties(that random saddle rack) as I am not very good at interior decorating a stable.

    Starting Bid: $15,000
    Maximum Bid: N/A
    Minimum Bid: N/A
    Autobuy: Shoot me offers

    alt text

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  • Starting bid!

  • @Erica-Ackerson said in [Ends 2/1] 12 Stall Stable:

    Starting bid!

    Bid accepted

  • If no bids are placed in by the 27th of January the lot will be sold to Erica

  • Auction ended. Congratulations Erica :)

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