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    Anyone who's ever tried to build an Australian world knows that it gets pretty boring with the lone and singular Eucalyptus provided by EA when it comes to foliage. After some blood, sweat and tears, that is no longer the reality, and I present to you a collection of recoloured and retextured trees to fit with the Australian aesthetic.

    alt text

    The pack comes with 7 non-default replacement trees, representing ghost gums, snow gums, blue gums, and stringy gums. These variants will bring a little extra colour to your Australian world, and definitely more flavour. There is a small and large Aspen recolour, two Western Cypress recolours, a Blackgum recolour, a Slippery Elm recolour and a Eucalyptus recolour. You will need to have Pets and World Adventures installed to use all these trees.

    alt text

    alt text

  • I totally didnt realise you were Australian! So am I! These trees are so great!

  • PR Committee

    @Neeve-Kalford I'm the secret Australian haha. I couldn't hold it in any longer XD
    I'm glad you like them, it was about time there was more Aussie love in TS3

  • Oh my god thankyou! i'm from Australia so my barn is based over here xD those standard eucalyptus trees were getting old! xD

  • Competition Committee

    Zahid, I bloody LOVE YOU right now!

    Go for the Aussies! #AussiePride :flag_au:

  • Fellow Australians! I'll join the boat! These trees are so damn wonderful :heart:

    #AussiePride :flag_au:

  • I'm looking at these and I can almost feel the paper bark between my fingers, and smell the hot, dry smell of the Australian bush in summer. And it's terrible. Because now there's no real reason not to build that rickety bushman's yard in the Victorian alps with the ancient trees and the open sky and the wild brush smell I've been so dreaming about. :sob: There's no place like home.

    brb, going to read Banjo Patterson poems under the stars.

    (ps. thank you! :heart: )

  • Truer words have never been spoken regards the sad lonely eucalyptus. These are fantastic! Just what I need to complete my world, oh thank you so much 😍

  • Development Committee

    Just in time! I've moved my Arabs and Thoroughbreds to Australia! Thank you for these :heart_eyes:

  • Can these safely be merged with other files?

  • PR Committee

    @Lidija-Rotherford Yup, they're like any other object!

  • @Zahid-Sadir Thanks!

  • Thank you so much for these <3 I've had an Australian world in progress for a while and not enough trees and plants to fill it. These are amazing!

  • Is it possible to make them working for CAW

  • PR Committee

    @Erica-Davis Yup, same method as putting other custom objects into CAW. Set up the packages folder and pop the files in and they'll show up like regular trees. They'll appear like duplicates on the CAW list next to the trees they're cloned from.

  • ok thanks Now to get my Caw to behave lol

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