Al Taheer Arabian Farm [01/23]

  • Good morning, everybody ! I'm here under the name Mathilde Dahler, a simsette that I play in the sims. I'm also on the French forum under the same name and on which I breed a race I created : the Zubaïc. You can find my website here if you want :>
    I don't speak so good English, so I apologize for the mistakes I would make in answering you. But I'm very happy to be here and discover new people. I'm thinking of breeding other breeds here, because I don't think I can create breeds on this forum so my Zubaic will certainly not have their place. While waiting to find out which breed I can breed and what name to give to this breeding, I just put my name in topic title (yes I know it's not very original haha).
    I look forward to hearing from you and hope to integrate quickly into this community. :3

  • A few months ago, I created my own race. The Zubaic, which you can discover on my website. As I told you just before, I just post some pictures, before finding a real breeding that I could present and develop here.

    So, right here, you can see some of my Zubaic :>

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

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    Oh, the first horse is SO beautiful. (Idk, if its allowed to comment here, sorry haha)

  • Ooohh wlecome you ^^" This is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G HORSES <3

  • Mirja, of course you can comment here haha AND thank you very much, it's a mare, named Mokkhavesa. :3
    Hello you :grin: Yey thank you Nina

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    AND I freaking l o v e your editing style, skills ohhh!!

  • What a cutie pictures ❤

  • Your horses are STUNNING! And i cant not mention that unforgettable editing! Wow! I look forward to seeing more :heart_eyes:

  • That last horse is GORGEOUS! Is she a seal brown under all those white markings?

  • Hello :3
    I don't read/look your story/pics in your website, so, I look here x))
    Oh, Moka <3 But, I prefer Rinurya :3

  • Whoa! You have stunning horses, the last one is to die for :heart_eyes:

  • Thanks for all guys, that's really sweet :heart: And Maxine, the last horse is a stallion, he's roan blue chimera black tobiano :>

  • alt text

    Hello everyone and welcome. (and sorry for the mistakes, I'm French.)
    First of all, here is a new edition of my blog because I don't raise the breed I created, on Equus but only on the French forum.
    I decided to go on a breeding of Arabian horses and Campolina here, because these are two very typical breeds that I love very much and that I would like to share with you gradually on my blog.
    Currently, the breeding has a campolina mare, an arabian mare and an arabian stallion. I hope they evolve well, haha. Now, here's the presentation of the horses.

    Aga Khan Al Taheer Sultana Al Taheer Ghazala Al Taheer
    aga sultana ghaz
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    They look so fine and so elegant! :heart_eyes:

  • PR Committee

    Welcome to the Arab community :D They both look full of personality!

  • OH MY GODNESS !!! That's horses

  • The black stallion is just W O W!! Can I have it? xD No, your horses are beautiful and your editing skills are just amazing :heart_eyes:

  • Sultana is a dream

  • Development Committee

    Those Arabs look very pretty! <3

  • Wow ! Your horses are beautiful :3 Sultana Al Taheer is very lovely ! <3

  • @Mirja-Hilke Thank you ! :smile:

    @Zahid-Sadir Yes haha and thank you very much ! :smiley:

    @Nina-Ricchi yeeey haha thanks !

    @Robin-Levine Mawww, thank you very much. I'm glad you like it, but don't steal him from me, haha :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: and thank you again !

    @Mira-Green Thank you very much for her :smiley:

    @Gaïa-Nollick Thank you Gaia ! :smile:

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