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    Welcome to Green Pond Farms

    Nestled in the rural paradise of southern Virginia, Green Pond Farms is an up and coming show stable. Green Pond was originally an unnamed cattle farm owned by my grandparents from the 1960's until my father took over the estate in 1994. My father continued raising cattle and eventually branched out and bought a few work mules from a county auction, from those two mules a love for equines blossomed. Eventually the cattle herd dwindled in numbers as mules and donkeys took over the pastures. My father has since remarried and lives close by, passing on the estate to me, my husband, and two adopted daughters. Green Pond is now trying to make a name for itself in the Equus show world. We breed and show donkeys, mules, and the occasional horse. ♥


    Name Age Role Image
    Brittany Hammock 22 Farm Co-Owner & Rider n/a
    Charlie Hammock 24 Farm Co-Owner & Rider n/a
    Luna Hammock 10 Rider n/a
    Cora Hammock 10 Rider n/a
    Shayne Swaney 49 Farrier & Handler n/a
    Zane Burk 30 Rider n/a
    Vivian Cantrell 23 Rider & Handler n/a
    Owen Merks 22 Rider & Handler n/a
    Abbi Pierce 19 Rider & Handler n/a


    Name Breed Gender Age Discipline Image
    GPF Ragnar American Mammoth Jack 6 Halter & Barrel Racing Click
    GPF Rudy Large Standard Jack 7 Halter & Western Pleasure Click


    Name Breed Gender Age Discipline Image
    GPF Minos Mule (Donkey x Thoroughbred) Gelding 6 Eventing & Endurance Click
    GPF Isaac Mule (Donkey x Appaloosa) Gelding 6 Dressage & Halter Click
    GPF Sigurd Mule (Donkey x AQH) Gelding 6 Halter & Western Pleasure Click
    GPF Lydia Mule (Donkey x Quarter Pony) Mare 6 Endurance & Halter Click
    GPF Duncan Mule (Donkey x Quarter Pony) Gelding 5 Endurance & Halter Click


    Name Breed Gender Age Discipline Image
    CR Spot The Difference Appaloosa Mare 11 Cutting & Barrel Racing Click
    SAI Naamah Pintabian Mare 6 Endurance & Barrel Racing Click

  • Meet our equine residents! ♥

    alt text

    GPF Ragnar - American Mammoth Donkey

    Ragnar is definitely a favorite at our stable due to his in-your-pocket personality. He's always the first to greet us in the morning with his loud brays! Though he can be rather studly and bossy to other donkeys, he's a complete gentleman to his two-legged friends.

    alt text

    GPF Rudy - Large Standard Donkey

    Rudy is a perfect name for this guy, because he can be very rude to an inexperienced rider whether it's invading your pockets for carrots or stepping on your toes during grooming. He's an amazing mount in the hands of someone who respects him, but doesn't take any of his nonsense.

    alt text

    GPF Minos - Thoroughbred Mule

    I shouldn't pick favorites, but Minos will always be my #1. His gentle and quiet disposition is sure to melt many hearts that come to know him. His sleek athletic build and surefooted-ness makes him a great mount on any terrain. We hope to see many great things from Minos!

    alt text

    GPF Isaac - Appaloosa Mule

    Isaac is definitely the head-turner at shows, most likely resulting from his loud coat and long ears entering the dressage arena! With a similar personality as his pasture-mate Minos, Isaac is always cool and collected in and out of the show ring.

    alt text

    GPF Sigurd - AQH Mule

    When you think of western mules, Sigurd's body type comes to mind. With his Quarter Horse breeding this stocky gelding makes to perfect working and riding mule. We are currently deciding whether or not to place him for auction so keep your eyes peeled!

    alt text

    Duncan(left) & Lydia(right) - Quarter Pony Mules

    Duncan & Lydia are the cutest pony mules you'll ever see(or maybe I'm biased.) These two are half-siblings that were bought at auction for our daughters late last year. Duncan is the younger of the two and tends to be more playful and rough in pasture, though Lydia has no problem putting him in his place when her patience runs dry. :laughing:

    alt text

    SAI Naamah - Pintabian

    We recently received our first horse who came all the way from Satan's Hideout! Naamah has been the perfect lady so far, though she is still getting use to the loud braying from our donkeys and mules catching her off-guard. We can see great things in this little mare's future! ♥

  • bookmarking immediately! haha, I don't know why I hadn't realized the severe lack of donkeys around here

    .....also, hope you don't mind, but I'm stealing Duncan and Lydia - so cute

  • Oh, I'm in love with yours mules and donkeys! They are so cute <3

  • ^ Thank you both!

    Ragnar in the early hours of the morning, not too thrilled that "his" red-headed ladies are being lead right past him. :laughing:

    alt text

  • I love you quarter mules.... i might need to steal one.

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