[Chatter] Equus Ribbon Challenge

  • PR Committee

    Please post all your concerns and comments for the ribbon challenge here!

  • I want to submit a Ribbon set but I am not sure about the submitting via sheet, It looks like you can see the Image Links of the PNG's on this sheet (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1HeLKwWDVQarddkGw4dESszpSdy6vcjDZIfuCjZzV0FQ/edit#gid=1439571257) ? :speak_no_evil:

    I don't feel that it is very safe, I wouldn't want that my Ribbons get stolen and used for non-equus Stuff like HARPG on Deviantart or elsewhere, would it be possible to maybe get a private address where we can mail the links to, or block this sheet for the public? :confused:

  • PR Committee

    @Nicole-Löffler We definitely don't recommend you upload the fullsize transparent png for the form - a preview showing all your designs like you've uploaded to the challenge thread is perfect. If you were especially concerned, you're also welcome to put a modest watermark over them as well, just so long as we can see your work underneath. We will of course collect fullsize files from winners privately to ensure other sites aren't using them without permission.

  • I was kind of concerned about that to.

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