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  • Welcome to the Equus Title Naming!

    Shiny new leaderboards mean shiny new titles for your horses. Equus is looking to introduce new and individual title names in the new year tailored to each discipline. There will still be five titles to earn, but each will now better reflect the sport your horse competes in.

    We are asking members to help us name these new titles! All of your suggestions will be considered and recorded, and approved submissions will be featured on our leaderboards. If you have any questions or comments please post below.


    • Titles should be reflective of the discipline. We don’t want a Supreme Cow Horse title for dressage.
    • Members may submit as many entries across as many disciplines as they like.
    • If the exact title is suggested more than once, the first member gets credit for it.

    Winners will receive

    • Credit on the leaderboard list thread
    • $2’000 per title we end up using


    Not only titles, but we noticed recently that some disciplines never got level names! Please feel free to use the titles form to suggest level names for our poor, neglected disciplines. Keep in mind they need to be in sets of 10! You will receive 10k for a full set which we end up using.

    Disciplines without titles yet: Disciplines without level names:
    Classical Dressage Equitation
    Country Pleasure Gymkhana
    Cutting Ridden Showing
    English Pleasure Roping
    Fine Harness
    Park Pleasure
    Ranch Versatility
    Sorting & Penning
    Trail Pleasure
    Western Dressage
    Western Pleasure
    Western Trail
    Working Cow Horse
    Working Equitation

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    This is still going! Make your mark on equus & get paid for it by suggesting title names for our leaderboards!

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