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    With so much amazing foal CC released for the advent I thought it could be fun to do a photo challenge with it!

    Without further ado:

    Welcome to Foal Flashbacks.

    This challenge is to inspire you to remake one of your adult horses as a foal, and imagine what they would have been like. Were they a little terror? Mamas little angel? Tell me about it!

    Entries should include:
    At least one photo with a foal/yearling
    More photos if you like
    Any writing you feel like including.

    Make your own picture
    It should be a new picture?
    Edit if you want
    Probably put a foal in it?
    As many entries per member as brings you joy.

    All entries will receive participation prizes in the form of epic content from Zahid
    There will be a ‘Judge’s Pick’ kinda thing where whichever entries Zahid, Kass and I think are extra cool will get a 10k prize. Idk how many. As many as we want.

    Entry fees:

    Entry form:
    None? Just post your stuff below!


  • Samoa

    text alternatif

    he was born from the union between our Stallion Bwp and our first mare pie bwp...the father of this colt has already two foals to his credit .. but the fourth and exceptional... a nice gift born at the least of June ... An unexpected gift that our ewe broodmare offered us ... he has beautiful blue eyes .. and has the color of his father that everyone knows named 'Sandro' a small What do I say ... already very large ball of hair overflowing with energy. Very curious, very player, he stops to make stupid things, as to escape from his boxing a day of competition and come to show these magnificent paces at all the world .. it's a little horse, a little monster with a heart of gold.

  • alt text
    Kelpie de Borges is the first foal that born in the Yeguada de Borges, she is a curious and extrovert filly!

  • Moderation Committee

    alt text
    Tundra Mountain Stables very first WB TMS Against All Authority, foundly called Arthur, when he was just a sassy little colt glued to his mothers side! He may not look it but he will grow up to become an extremely sooty bay <3

  • alt text
    Jika de Borges with his mother Rika VC! When she was a little foal she was very shy and cowardly, she always hid behind her mother to looking for protection.

  • Very-very I want to tell you about a lot of foals! But unfortunately will have to limit ourselves to one :tired_face:
    I think the story of a little kid named VNP Abendglocke you are very interested, as little filly fought for life even when was in the tummy!

    Her parents are my favorite horses :heart:
    Father is handsome KWPN stallion dressage- Paddington J. Zandro!
    alt text alt text
    And mother KPWN eventing- Tudor Melody
    alt text alt text

    Breeding we have planned in the summer, a year future, in july, the mare had to give birth was to a foal
    The pregnancy itself was easy. Up to 8 months...
    The mare suddenly started cramping, she fell and rose to his feet. Her went was horrible swelling under the belly. We didn't know what to do...
    Two weeks Tudor Melody suffer from colic, stopped eating, constantly lay to and lost a lot of weight. It lasted a month, we thought that the Mare will die. But in may, the Mare gave birth prematurely. The light appeared a beautiful piebald baby girl!
    The first time the foal showed no signs of life. Vets immediately ran to mother with my daughter, had a number of procedures. They miraculously returned the baby to this world!

    alt text

    Baby was born small and fragile, the first month of her life was the most difficult. After all, from birth, the filly had to fight for life. Beside her stall was on duty day and night, the staff succeeded each other constantly. Plight of the baby rallied our athletes, because now we all have one goal - to help the poor girl to survive in this harsh world.
    The first month of life is lived! But not everything was so simple and easy. When the filly was about two weeks, she has stopped sucking from a bottle of milk, became lethargic, constantly lay, refused to do anything, other milk is not accepted. Veterinarians shrugged.
    For a filly salvation turned out to be her mother! It also lay next to her for days, licking her and pushed his nose to get up to his feet! Tudor didn't abandon her child, even though he was hopeless. She's a real mother-heroine of our time!
    A month later was their first walk together in the paddock. And by the end of summer babe playfully frolicked! :sunny:

    alt text
    alt text

    At the moment, Abend found a bunch of new friends, she has a good appetite and she is naughty in the stable :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
    alt text

  • This little guy is MRR Ready to Run. He was the very first foal born at Pine Lake Ranch. He's 14 years old now and has earned his regional champion title in reining and working cow horse.
    alt text
    alt text

  • SCA Infinity & Beyond

    alt text

    Aka Buzz.

    Let's just say he got his name from Buzzing around the paddock as a foal, he was always full of beans and had an endless supply of energy. Umm did I say had? I meant has, he's still the same Buzz now aged 7 competing in Eventing!

    alt text

  • Bells

    Hells Bells AW
    Bells came to this world in the middle of summer and as a precious foal of two best horses at Autumn Woods (Ocean Pearl's Benzin x Femme Noire SHS) management has high expectations for her future. But not just pedigree makes her exceptional - her name says all. Bells has always been curious of the world, most of her time spending running along the fence trying to check what is on the other side, never afraid of journey even if her mother decided to trot directly in the opposite way. Humans? She likes humans because of carrots, apples and other goodies, that's why you shouldn't be suprised if suddenly feel Bells nose gently checking your hands :)

  • alt text

    Today I wondered what my Marwari Crossfire would have been like as a baby. We found that he was shy and somewhat timid, and only became curious about his surroundings when the prospect of meeting another foal was presented <3 In the photo below, Crossfire met my newly born Akhal-Teke foal out of MSE Selene, who we purchased from @Rebecca-Wall , and who is sired by @Lidija-Rotherford's Lyutsifer.

    alt text

  • With the questionmarks behind the Rule with "new pictures" I kinda want to just tell a story about one special horse in my heart. Oh yes! I dont even need to "imagine" one of my favorite horses to be a foal. I have seen her growing up as one of my first horses, still the biggest spot in my heart!

    TWOFACE - Drovers Some Sparks D Luxe

    Bild Text
    Born on 6th April 2017 this beautiful little filly decided to just be there one morning on the pastures without any announcing. At first I was a bit dissapointed that still after so many foals my champagner mare never gave me any champagner offspring. OCS Sparklin Myth gave birth to a silver dun tovero filly, Sired by Drover's Lopin D Luxe from @Jester-Coleman .
    But despite any dissapointment about the champagner this little fillies face looked so unique that she had her nickname/barnname before even a full registrated name was chosen. Drovers Some Sparks D Luxe it then was.

    Bild Text
    A relaxing group picture of that Aprils foal crop. All foals are sired by Drovers Stallions and turned out great. Even though I later on sold The bay tobiano colt and the sorrel tobiano filly back to Drovers due to missing time, Pepper and Twoface are still with me now!

    Bild Text
    A little time skip as we had so much to do on OCS. We moved from Germany to Cedar City, Utah in the USA. There wasnt much time to shoot photos inbetween so I can only tell how she was. A little know-it-all with interesst in everything, even chewing everything... including electric fences. It didnt even seem to have bothered her, she scratched her back with the "sweet tickling feeling" on her back and enjoyed those fences. She was quick in halter learning but hated leadropes on them. Because they were meant to lead her and she did never really like to be lead anywhere, Twoface always was her own boss.

    I love this "floof-the-hair" picture. Also another picture from Twoface hiding from the brushes her mommy gets cleaned with.
    Bild Text

    Bild Text
    With 7 months little Twoface went on her first "Competition". A Foal Show hosted on Instagram by a good friend.
    At that time she had a characterchange from goofy and bossy to a real professional and learnwilling little filly. She parted with her mother pretty often to discover new things, she loved working with us as we introduced her to new obstacles, some trail equipment and other things. Also, she made first place in that foal show. Proud owner here!

    Bild Text
    I had to realize even though Equus Ageing Systems seemed to be so slow it still went so quick that May came. They grew up to yearlings and started to make their own ways. Weird professional phase was over and with the time in the yearling group she learned that she has strengh. She started to become bossy and pushed the others around, quickly learning that bad behaviour ends up in lonelyness. And she hated loneliness. Being left behind when others have fun is her biggest fear we discovered and so she needed to change her mindset to a more comfortable filly to be around.

    Bild Text
    Bild Text
    Time passes and horses grow up. Young, 2 and a half years old and ready to learn the hard life. Or just casually visiting the boys while they were watching TV.

    Bild Text
    First competition, Aspen Rodeo 2017, starting off with a 2nd Place!

    Bild Text
    Second Competition, Texas Rose Horse Show, again 2nd place. This mare is just working like a charm.

    Bild Text
    Still though, beneath all that professional working mare there is kept a little goofy filly until today.
    Shes always up for fun and a pleasure to be around. I woulnt let children ride on her because she has a competitors mind and can be flashy, but horsemanshipping and groundwork are no problem, she plays around with everyone she can be around. Never ever leave her alone, she will be sad and terrified.

    And just the newest of news: Twoface herself will be becomming a mom next spring!
    Cant wait to welcome a new Generation of awesomeness!
    Bild Text

  • I want to introduce you to Norvgaard. D/Z Hayden's Norvgaard Tonor is a KWPN breed from ancient times. Still he remains one of my favorites. Alone, because he was white early and the well visible.

    Norvgaard shortly after birth. Small, fragile, powerless. I was worried about him at first. And I found it interesting how white he already was. My boy with the flourmouth.
    alt text

    A trip on the pasture with Mama Visenya, my good friend Nora and me. Since he has already more white in the coat and is already a proud guy. The joker was pretty vain and often a real bitch! If he did not like something, he wanted to enforce his stubborn head.
    alt text

    What can a vain young stallion do especially well? To pose! And that's what Norvgaard showed at a foal show.
    alt text

    The first time without mom, but with a new friend. Norvgaard had a completely new character at the beginning. Looked anxious and calm, without mom. However, this quickly disappeared when he met his friend Da Vinci. Da Vinci. Besides, he dreaded it again. At that time I hoped he would not stay that dark.
    alt text

    Foals ABC? That was of course uncool! Norvgaard did not want to know about that. Unlike Toni, a good friend who led Da Vinci, Norvgaard preferred to jump over the bars. Or just bucked because he felt like it. At least he showed enthusiasm to jump, because from him should be a showjumping horse.
    alt text

    Even as a yearling kept Norvgaard his vanity and his stubbornness. After all, the training went better now. He realized that his strikes brought nothing and began to add to them.
    alt text

    In the pasture, he liked to bite Da Vinci, so that he played with him. Da Vinci was a quiet stallion who liked to graze rather than walk. Of course, that did not please the horror. Sir Henry, the Tobiano Chestnut, watched it attentively and even intervened when Norvgaard exaggerated.
    alt text

    At the age of 3, Norvgaard was completely white. A noble and magnificent stallion. Fresh in training, focused on training. Stubborn he was rare. He listened well and annoyed others only when he was not wearing a bridle. He would still always be a poser. But that would have his new owner Swanlake now have to do!
    alt text

    Since then much has changed. I'm riding western now. Own an APH stallion, an AQH mare who is currently serving twins (filly happy and colt smiley) and a young Oldenburg stallion. Two English thoroughbreds have found their way to me, but I would never work with them directly. I ride western and show jumping, no races.
    Nevertheless, I like to remember the time when I was still only show jumper and bred appropriate horses. Norvgaard was one of the most beautiful offspring. Because of its evolution and the obvious change of color.

    (btw, sry for my bad english)

  • alt text
    Meet RME Brownies Marmo, she's a little poney français de selle. Her dam is our roan pony Twin Oak's Brownie, she is one of our top pony eventers. The little filly was given the name Brownies Marmo because we've always called her marble, and marmo is marble in Italian, and she was born and raised in Italy. The first part of her name of course signifies her dam "brownie" since the two were/are very close.
    Marble was always a very curious and fearless filly, she was born in the perfect place for a curious spirit. She was raised in a herd of broodmares and their foals in the Italian hills they were really raised as wild horses, the pastures they had covered 60 acres of lush green land. Her curiosity began with the creatures that she'd find in the the river, she would mainly find frogs but when/if she saw fish swim by you could tell her mind was racing and the little foal would splash and tumble into the water.
    Marble is now three years old, she is turned out with 3 other horses two around her age and then our gelding pony who is five years old. Her pasture is right next to her dam and we often catch the two hanging out and playing with each other. In a few weeks she'll begin her first steps into her training, we have a long way to go with this little one but she has a big future ahead of her and we expect she'll be just as good of an eventer as her dam was.

  • text alternatif
    Even Coat, character, same color of eyes. And for good reason here is the Sister of Samoa. Born six six. This little marvel and the little sister of our young stallion of 3 years Samoa that you see on the first page. Liandra PF can say little Lotus in Chinese. a name chosen from one has its white mark in the shape of flowers. Liandra and the daughter of Sandro Pf and our mare Héras. She is also the first filly born to Sandro who until now has only given males. For the moment liandra profitede his youth alongside other foals and filly of his generation. She will join the breeding at three years old to start her career of cso horse.

  • Sundays were the slowest. All riders were found in random corners of the property, occupying the free time they had with reading, naps, or exercising. The showjumpers discovered in the largest break room doing yoga with Valeri as their lead, the dressage riders crammed into one of the staff housing bathrooms tidying up their cuticles and applying facemasks, and the eventers dozing in the main house's livingroom with snacks scattered about and some boring movie put on as white noise. Students joined whichever activity seemed best.
    On this slow, relaxing day, Allison Alders was found by Erica, busy in her study shifting through old polaroids and album photos. Erica rapped her knuckles on the door and stepped in.
    "O-oh!" Allison startled. Recovering, she waved the manager over. "Come here, come here Erica! I found some old photos of your boy Hugo as a baby," she shoved some papers around to make room, and spread the polaroids out on the desk. Erica looked over the photos, seeing the worn edges stained with coffee. She laughed.
    "Allison dear, these look years old. He was only born in November, you know!" she chortled. Allison waved her free hand in front of Erica's face and shushed her.
    "Quiet you! Be happy I have these at all. I lost them quite a bit, mind you. You know I can't resist a polaroid photo." The trainer comically furrowed her brow and laughed.
    "What is there that you can't resist."

    alt text

    alt text

    Allison started to point towards the first one, the firey foal sticking his head in between the gate fencing searching for a treat from the photographer.
    "He would do this every time someone came up to the gate! Someone snuck him a banana piece and he fell in love with them. We couldn't resist giving small bits to him here and there." Erica chuckled along with Allison.
    "What a silly-billy. He's so adorable! His foal coat was so adorable.. but I do admit I love his current grey," Erica smiled.
    "Don't we all, haha!"
    Allison pointed to the next polaroid.

    alt text

    Allison openly laughed. "This next one is hilarious. The first time we tried to let him follow Haya, he bolted off towards the tackroom! It took us forever to wrangle him again," the trainer smiled, eyes crinkling. Erica laughed with her.
    "He hasn't changed a bit, has he!" Erica remarked amusedly. "Hugo needs a thorough talking to after this."
    The pair conversed over other photos for the better part of the hour, reminiscing in each one and only realizing the time when the sky outside turned a sunset orange.

  • Pss Alfie & Me & Joker (dog)
    alt text
    he was a troublemaker XD
    alt text

  • Until the recent crop of foals hit Vanaheim, Sarah and Callie had never really encountered them. The family had only moved to the yard within the last year, the few horses owned by Merry and Rachel stabled at a livery yard before Grandma Deacon had decided that it was time to pass on the reins of Vanaheim. Seeing the lovable, gangly babies running around and playing with each other had prompted questions of what a few of the other horses had been like as foals, so it had been time to pull out the photo album.

    Settled down on the couch with the album on her knees and her two daughters on either side of her, Merry hanging over the back with a smirk on her face, Rachel flipped to a page with a greying filly and a black one.

    alt text

    "Both Déesse and Kalishka were bred here on the yard and were given to Merry and I as wedding presents. Dee was a difficult birth, the first foal for her dam, and as it turned out, the dam didn't want much to do with her afterward. Merla still let her suckle, but there was no love lavished on her."

    "But isn't that really important?" Sarah asked, frowning slightly.

    "Yes, and you can thank Kalishka for the fact that Dee turned out the way she did. The two foals were let out to roam while the dams were groomed and met. Poor Dee didn't know what to do with this exuberant ball of energy that pretty much launched herself at her. But Kalishka persevered, even dragging the poor filly over to meet her mother. Silver was one of our best dams. We had to keep her separate from any overprotective mothers because she used to adopt every foal she saw, and Dee was no exception. We tried to keep Dee with her own dam as much as possible, but it was ultimately Silver who raised her properly."

    alt text

    "Dee was still pretty shy and wobbly to start with, so Kalishka seemed to take it upon herself to protect her until she was strong enough to cope with the other foals. Trying to separate the two was a nightmare, so we ended up having to stable the dams side by side so that they could see each other through the dividers. Even now, we can't keep the two of them apart for long."

  • On the eve of Majnoun's retirement, we received a photo from France, a groom from Nadir Arabians who worked with Majnoun and his dam when he was a colt. They had started working with one of his foals at a new stable and recognized the stallion's name. After some research and reading that the stallion was to be retired in coming months, they mailed us this photo of 1-month-old Majnoun laying beside his dam, NA Farasheh, on a peaceful summer afternoon.

    alt text

    It gave us a moment to reflect on Maj throughout the years

    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

  • Breed Committee

    Digging through an old tack trunk left almost forgotten in the back of a closet, I rediscovered a large cache of photos from years ago. Hundreds of the old dusty things. Almost none of them had labels and yet there was scarcely any I couldn't recall the story to. I could spend hours telling you about every one, stories of all the horses I bred in days long passed. But, in the interest of time I have narrowed this down to just four particularly well preserved photos of a foal crop I was rather proud to have produced back then. - Liliana


    This first picture is of Aulthamah, a sprite of a filly who today is a gorgeous mare and a National Champion in Endurance. The mare is our Aulrabah Sun +, and the filly's sire is the mighty *Thalszaan ++, who sired of many of our other Endurance Champions. Although born a fiery chestnut, Aulthamah shed out to a dark liver chestnut like both her parents a few months after this photo was taken.

  • Breed Committee


    This little grey colt is one of my favorites. Some of you may be able to recognize him as a young Myrrashai, a popular stallion in the recent grading show. And one of our best sires at Revenare. After all the compliments we received on him I couldn't resist showing off this picture of him here with his dam, the incomparable *Myrrath, from whom he carries on his name. Although a lovely example of her prepotency as a dam, as he shares so much of her likeness as an adult, he was a shy little foal. Many afternoons were spent in frustration trying to get pictures of this little guy, so often he would hide behind his lovely dam. Eventually he did grow out of his skittish tendencies, today there is little that can compromise his confidence in himself.

  • Breed Committee


    This baby is certainly the most iconic in this photoset, and likely the most widely-known too. This is the strikingly marked Falconine, a favorite of the community. Long before he was trekking across distant countries on the other side of the world under Faewood Stables, he was an inquisitive little colt. Curious and brave, and yet he could not be seen far from his watchful mother, Ansatah. He got her one blue eye, but takes after his sire *Fascination a lot too. I thought it was fitting to include this photo since he will be returning home to us from competing in Europe soon.

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