Merry Christmas / Frohe Weihnachten: Claire von Hohenfeld! ~Prt. 1~

  • Dear Claire,
    this was my first year that I was a part of the secret santa so hopefully you'll like your gifts! :D
    You'll receive in total three gifts and I'm not good at speeches... so here is Part 1.

    alt text

    I was searching for gift ideas and I saw that you breed the lovely trakehners (like me) and what could fit even more better than such a cute little mare with an typicall german name like trakehner’s have? So in the first part you’ll get the lovely solid bay Trakehner mare called Kirver’s Schwalbendiva.

    alt text

    alt text

    I hope you like this jumping excited mare, but you’ll have to work with her because she is a little bit nervous (but nothing is unpossible without a little bit of work). Didn't she have such a cute face? :D

    alt text

    Please PM me here on the forum for your first gift (please enter your Email in the PM). I wish you exciting days till christmas. 

    Lovely greetings from your german secret santa

  • Dankeschön!!
    Thank you so much! She is so beautiful and on top a Trakehner😍
    I am so excited for the other gifts ☺

  • alt text

    Today you'll get three lovely coats (chestnut, seal bay and grey)! You can edit them however you want, hope you like them :) (Sorry for the bad quality I took the photo with my laptop) alt text

    ![alt text](image url)
    ![alt text](![image url](image url))

  • I love These 😍 Thank you so much!

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