Merry christmas, Rebecca Wall!

  • Hi, @Rebecca-Wall !
    I hope you enjoy this little gift that I've bred for you!
    He's my first gift of two that I have specially for you. The first one is a CDE (Caballo de deporte español) an Spanish sport horse kind of breed. They are polivalent and amazing, and this particular fella is such a sweet stallion for his young age.

    He is 5 y.o and enjoys long walks on the beach, treats and hanging around hay bales. Also he likes training and being active if there's no rain involved. He's been tested with kids and novice riders and is a bombproof guy!

    Just dm me your e-mail and I'll send it to you when I come home of my vacation! That's a secret one :D a.k.a I'll update this post when I finish it lol but just make some space in your stalls for new hooves trotting around 8)

    Merry christmas! I hope you like your presents ^^ ♥

  • Breed Committee

    He's lovely! Thank you so much ❤

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