White Spotting/Wild Bay in Brumbies

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    Hello. It's me. Again.

    Saw white spotting wasn't listed for brumbies, they definitely do have it. Based on pattern behaviour seems to be similar to a lot of Arab white spotting genes as well as some more wild examples.

    Found while browsing brumby groups on FB, Buckland Park Rain and Splash. Rain the bay shows a typical DW face marking and extensive / medium bellyspots. Splash the chestnut shows some nice sabino+tobiano roaning on her flank. You can see her DW face white more clearly here.

    Buckland Park Shootin Arrow and Buckland Park Skye Fire also have evidence of white spotting here. Better pic of Arrow's white here.

    Also saw wild bay wasn't listed. Buckland Park Blue Skye is wild bay. Buckland Park Gentle Giant is wild buckskin.

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