Quill Moaney: More Horses Added for Lease

  • Leasers Wanted

    Like any other yard focused on the jumping disciplines we’ve experienced something of a pile up in the lower levels. I don’t particularly like having to do a horse rotation every competition so I thought it would be easier to lease out a few of the more affected horses, let them further their careers at another stable for a couple of months. To be clear none of these horses are for sale at this time.

    Rules for taking over a lease:

    • All of the horses compete in dual disciplines so please enter them in every R show of both disciplines and at the correct Level. Failure to do so will result in a termination of the lease.
    • Only ask for the horse’ files if you intend to enter it in a combined show.
    • Do not breed the horse, breeding options are available as rewards.
    • Standard lease time is 4 RL months, if the lease is going well then feel free to ask for an extension.


    I’m not a particularly wealthy player so I’m going to focus on rewards in the form of breedings or, if preferred, imports.
    50 points in a singular discipline = BIY with the lease horse and one of your own horses.
    50 points earned in two disciplines = a BIY with one of your horses and any of my stallions.
    100 points earned in two disciplines = a traditional breeding choosing any two of my horses.

    I was going to do this through a spreadsheet but I thought it would be more personal to actually see the horse you'll be leasing.

    These horses are all foundations and all owned/bred exclusively by me so their files are available upon request.

    QM Scarif

    alt text

    • 28501
    • Dutch Warmblood Stallion
    • Eventing Level 5 // 50 points
    • Show Jumping Level 4 // 55 points

    Scarif is built for hunting and his colourful coat really sets him apart from the rest of the field. Before Quill Moaney he had a rough education (an education in going really fast without ever stopping), over the past year he’s shown some solid improvement and actually produced some good competition results. The only thing that lets him down is his Dressage, which is patchy on a good day and completely unrideable at its worst.

    King Lear I

    alt text

    • 27103
    • Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) Stallion
    • Dressage Level 5 // 82 points
    • ShowJumping Level 5 // 35 points

    We’ve owned Lear for a year now and in that time he’s proved himself a very capable Dressage horse and a somewhat reluctant Show Jumper. We’re hoping that he takes to the coloured poles a little better in his lease home because so far we’re really having no luck with him.

  • QM Enchantress - leased to Darya Macarova

    alt text

  • Four more horses added!

  • QM Inquisition and QM Dreamland on lease to @Breanna-Fahnestock

    alt text

    alt text

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