Ludivine O'nells Your being called to the Barn

  • Santa told us you liked quarter horses. We breed lovely quality quarter horses. So we paired up a few of our best to give you a couple nice breeding and showing stock. We also imported you in a lovely mare from Revelwood.

    First is SWSt Smart Class Lass
    alt text
    Lassie is a beautiful smokey black mare out of NR Aim For Class and CSR Olenas Smart Chex. She get a nice plus 2 to Western Pleasure and a plus 6 to Reining. She is a nice third generation horse with a spunky attitude. She should take you far.

    Second is SWSt Zigga's Fancy Cat.
    alt text
    Suszi is a sweet lil mare who wants to please. With her color she is sure to catch the judges eye. She is a beautiful Amber Champagne - ee aa nCh. She is out of HMR Zigga's Lost Cat and R|R Sheza Fancy Gal. She gets a plus 6 to Working Cow Horse and plus 7 Cutting. We normally do not allow our creams to leave the stable but this was a special occasion. So the first like her to be bred and born.

    Last of the Silver Winds horses is SWSt House of Regret.
    alt text
    Reggi is a interesting stallion. He is a Beautiful Buckskin. He has roan in his background so he can throw roan babies. He gets a plus 2 for Cutting and a plus 5 for Working Cow Horse. He is out of CSR Ravens Regret and R|R Brick House
    We regret not putting a padlock on his stall. He can open doors, stalls, and most windows. Be prepared for a life of fun with this big boy. Oh and make sure your cross-ties have a chain on the end you hook to him. Or he will be visiting your mares. He is not picky. It would be a very very wise idea to lock your feed room doors with a padlock, A bar, A ground lock, and a trailer perhaps the tractor and a few fences. Hey just warning you! He will eat anything.

    Last horse is Revelwoods Plain Jane. (Revelwoods has her Profile)
    Jane is a cute thing. She is a foundation and ready to go anywhere you please.
    alt text

  • Forgot to mention. Message me to tell me when to send over there profiles and stuff.

  • Oh thank you so much, i'm in love to your amazing work, this is wonderful ! <3
    Thank you thank you thank you !

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