Merry Christmas, Zinnia Arvi! [Part 2 added]

  • Dear Zinnia,
    I was very happy when I read that I am your Secret Santa. When I saw your wish list I can't decide what I should do for you :D So I have now some more presents and I will start with the first present today :) I will update the other ones time to time :)

    So here is your newest addition.
    This horse is called " Ostford's Christmas Lover ", you can decide the barn name by yourself, and is 9 years old. He is a German Warmblood and is open for every sport. He already have an respectable education and is ready for more training :D I hope you like your new boy with an special face marking made for you :)
    I hope you like him and I hope you will be happy also about the other present who are following :)

    Ostford's Christmas Lover

    Have nice holidays :)

    PM me with your e-mail so he can arrive at your stable as soon as possible :)

    And now comes your 2nd and 3rd present :)

    Your second present is a little barn. Here are 5 boxes and a little open stable. You also have here a little house perfect for late evenings with other friends at the stable. :) The little house is almost unfurnished but I furnished the stable :) And because I am not the best in decorating the decoration is up to you :D

    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

    And your last present is a pack (5) facial markings and a import after you choice :) You only need to send me some references or ideas per PM.



  • Aww I love him! He has such a sweet face :hugging: Thank you so much, I'll PM you right away! :heart:

  • Part 2 is added :) :)

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