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    About Us

    Hello and welcome to Oxlip. While not your typical stud, we still very much so pride ourselves in the quality of our horses. Our goal is to raise top quality Traditional Irish Horses as ideal mounts in Eventing, Dressage, and Driving. As a smaller facility (a total of 12-14 competition equines at the Main Barn and 6-8 at our Outpost) we are able to focus on the individual needs of each of our equine athletes.

    ​The Main Barn of Oxlip is nestled in a large valley located in Brekenridge, Colorado. It's a massive space, that allows us to spread out and ensure that our horses always have access to green pastures. That does mean we have to trailer our horses to our indoor.
    The Oxlip Outpost on the other hand, is located back home in Ireland, under the tender care of my younger cousin Brigid Mallory and her two younger sisters. The Outpost; is also a rather large facility, though not nearly as spread out. Something I'm sure Brigid greatly appreciates.

    Oxlip originally started out as Red Willow Equestrian; a big ball of chaos that truthfully had no direction. And while our goal has pretty much stayed the same, it was decided that it was long past time to get back to basics. So while you will see a few other breeds roaming around, our focus will be to show, train, sell, and breed Irish Draughts, Sport Horses, and Irish bred Thoroughbreds.

    I do hope you enjoy your visit with us.
    Sincerely Yours
    Nora Pigott

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    Staff Position
    Nora Pigott Owner & Eventing Trainer
    Kevin Holloran Owner & Combined Driving Trainer
    Rhea Dearing Dressage Trainer
    Chloe` Ó Bradaigh Eventing & Dressage Trainer

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    Horse Breed Color Discipline Gender Height
    Snasta Brilliant OX Irish Draught Black Dressage/Eventing Mare 16.3hh
    Neamhord OX Irish Draught Black Dressage Stallion 17hh
    Bradach Amháin OX Irish Draught Bay Based Grey Eventing Mare 16.3hh
    Dragún OX Irish Draught Sooty Bay Eventing Stallion 17hh
    Der Atem der Windnis GV Freiberger Black Eventing Stallion 15.3hh
    Banríon Léargasach OX Irish Thoroughbred Bay Based Grey Eventing/Dressage Mare 16.3hh
    Dóchas Valiantach OX Irish Thoroughbred Black Base Grey Eventing/Dressage Stallion 17hh
    TB Eeltje Friesian Black Dressage/Driving Stallion 17.3hh
    Fírinne Ciúin OX Irish Draught Bay Eventing/Dressage Stallion 17.3hh
    Into the Fray SN Andalusian PRE Black Dressage/Driving Stallion 16.2hh
    DPPR Gitana Moderna Spanish Norman Soot Bucksin Dressage Mare 16.2hh
    SBS Jumanah Irish Sport Horse Bay Tobiano Dressage/ Fox Hunting Mare 16.3hh

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    Facility pictures to come.

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    Staff Position
    Brigid Mallory Manager, Student, & Rider/Trainer
    Ruari Mallory Rider & Student
    Cassidy Mallory Rider & Student

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    Horse Breed Gender Height Color Disciplines
    Stärke und Ehre OX Trakhaner Stallion 16.2hh Bay Dressage
    Reislust OX KWPN Stallion 16.3hh Black Tobiano Eventing
    Mar Sin Bíonn Sé OX Irish Sport Horse Stallion 16.3hh Bay Eventing\Dressage
    Triste`OX Percheron Stallion 18hh Black Dressage/ Draft Horse Showing
    Das Vergessen OX Freiberger Stallion 15.3hh Bay Show Jumping
    Glacann sé Dhá OX Irish Sport Horse Mare 16.2hh Chestnut Eventing/Dressage

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    Facility pictures to come!

  • Oxlip

    New arrivals at the Outpost.

    She wasn’t sure why she was so nervous. It wasn’t like this was the first time her sister went to pick up horses. Her sister seemed to have a knack for it, and she didn’t want to ruin a simple transport with her nerves. At 17, Ruari was a very capable young lady. Setting it so the two horses could arrive at the same time had been a headache. The KWPN stallion her and Nora had looked at would be interesting to have around as a lesson prospect, maybe even a breeding prospect. Only time would tell. It was the little filly what was being shipped with the stallion that Brigid was most excited about. DPPR Witch’s Lust was a stunning little black filly that had her mother’s bearing. Nora had been tickled pink about the prospect of getting a breeding to one of Luke Teth’s studs. Witchcraft was handsome, with good bone and success in the eventing scene. Gromlaith was a quite mare with good work ethic and coming into her own in the dressage arena and the eventing field. Brigid was ecstatic that the filly would be staying with them. Melkweg had been heavily sedated before Luster even set foot on the van. It was a good two hour drive, and Ruari would have to stop to re-administer the sedation. I wasn’t ideal, but Aaron hadn’t been available to take his rig, and Ruari didn’t have experience with the gooseneck. Brigid herself had been stuck in her office almost all morning. Everything will be fine, she assured herself, taking a quick glance at her phone to check the time. Ruari had ten minutes before she started blowing up her phone.
    Ruari sighed in relief at the sight of the barn as she drove in. It had been a long drive. Melkweg had been a challenge. Her two charges had been the only ones in quarantine. And while they weren’t next to each other they had in fact bonded in the time that they were there. Melkweg had an attitude that bespoke of bad manners in the future and she wondered if her sister was actually going to leave him a stud. But she had to admit, it would be a shame. He was a handsome horse. Lovely bay colouring, good bone, and energy to spare. He would make for an excellent eventer, and she couldn’t wait to get him out in the cross country field. She had a feeling that the boy could fly. She was grateful for the stable hands as they lent her aid getting the large stallion sedated. She thanked her stars that she thought to change out the dividers the would stand between the two horses. The solid wall was an extra piece of mind for sure.
    Luster had been a joy. She was quite, and easily followed Melkweg onto the lift without complaint. She munched on her hay happily throughout the entire ride. She was a pretty black mare with a sweet face and even sweeter personality. She wondered if she could convince Brigid to allow her to help with her event training. She remembered Gromlaith, and Nora was always sending pictures of the horses. She was a lovely mare, large with delicate boning. She made a lovely dressage horse and had a nice scope over jumps. She knew her job and knew it well. It would be interesting to see how the little filly would turn out.

    “I was just about to call you,” Brigid said as she climbed out her vehicle.
    “Traffic was heavy, and studly back there didn’t want to leave the quarantine yard without his girlfriend,” she said as in way of an apology.
    “He wasn’t too much trouble was he?”
    “I’m glad I thought to change out the divides. But honestly he’s been asleep this entire time. Would probably be best to get her off and settled and let him wake up. By the time I get her unwrapped and bedded down he should be good to go.”
    Ruari had easily slipped into the trailer and began unloading the mare. She whispered words of encouragement into black velvet ears as she guided the mare back off the trailer. Brigid’s eyes lit up in glee at the sight of the young mare. She was perfect.
    “She’ll make a great sport horse,” Brigid said with a smile, rubbing her hands down the mare’s legs. She was pleased that she picked up her legs when asked.
    “Wonderful manners too.” Ruari nodded with a smile, “She was very good, she’s going to be fun to ride.” Ruari led the mare next door to their temporary ISO barn. They would need to build one if they planned on inviting other’s to their grounds. Brigid stayed back with Melkweg, soothing the stud with quite words as he woke up. The little filly only paused once before being led into the narrow barn before them. She led her down to the end, ensuring that she would be far from the stud that would be placed at the other end. The two would stay there a week, before being moved into the main barn with the others. She had a feeling that Melkweg would get a pasture of his own. Luster on the other hand could easily be put with the other mares. Perhaps it was time to being looking at using the front pastures of the property. They were large, and could easily handle the small herd of mares. A discussion to have at another time she subsided, quickly removing the shipping gear from the waiting mare. She brushed her down and settled her in with a few flakes of hay before heading back to the van. Brigid already had the stud off and was looking him over as she approached. He pawed at the ground in impatience and Ruari eyed him wearily.
    “Are you gonna geld him?” she asked, reaching over to take the stud from her sister.
    “Going to hold off for now. I want to see where he goes in his training. He’s supposed to be a lesson horse, but if he proves as good as Nora says he is we may just show him. He would be good for you I think,” she said with a smile, causing one to spread to Ruari’s face.
    “I can’t wait to get him under saddle, but I think he’s going to need some ground training first.”
    “I couldn’t do some groundwork with him. Something like what I did with Reis. He was hot when he first got here.”
    The two sisters made quick work of getting the stallion settled down before heading back to the house. Ruari gleefully filled in an excited Cassidy about her adventure and the two new horses that had been added to their herd.

    Brigid smiled at her sisters. It was good to have Ruari back, and she was excited to contact Nora. Nora had told her that it didn’t matter the hour, she wanted to be called as soon at the horses arrived. Thankfully, it wouldn’t be too early for her cousin and was pleasantly surprised when she picked up on the second ring.
    “Everything go alright?” She could hear Nora’s barely contained excitement in the question.
    “They arrived safe and sound. They are amazing Nora!” They share a good long laugh, the exhilaration of a plan gone right.
    “Send me pictures ok? And keep me updated!” They ended their call shortly after. Great things were coming their way.

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    We here are Oxlip and the Outpost wish to welcome DPPR Witch's Lust (Witchcraft AW x Banríon Léargasach OX ) a lovely black Thoroughbred mare that we received after a breeding from @Luke-Teth. Thanks again and we look forward to having her with us.

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    We also offer a warm welcome to Gevallen Sterren OX to our Outpost as well. Only time will tell with this big boy.

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