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    HO HO HO! Christmas has come early to Lavender Equestrian Center!
    We would like to give back to you guys this festive season! That is why we are busy designing and building brand new barns/equestrian lots for you guys to enjoy!

  • In the table below you will find all the lots gifted to you!
    Gift 1: HLEC Christmas barn Gift 2: HLEC Spanish Style Barn
    alt text alt text
    Gift 3: HLEC Modern barn HLEC Private Dressage Barn
    alt text Column 2 Cell 1

  • They look so nice! Thank you!

  • Oh my god those barns have aesthetics to die for. I'm dying.

    :heart: :christmas_tree:

  • I loooove the modern barn... the only problem is that you are not able to get all the CC you need...-.- The glass roof from sims3 marketplace isn´t available anymore and the Pocci Half wall glass square grid.... maybe you can make them available for download separetly?

  • @Clara-Doyle Ohh no. I'll try to find their files on my PC and share them on simfileshare. Thanks for letting me know. I actually downloaded the glass roof a week ago, strange that the download is no longer available.

  • The CC links for the Modern barn have been fixed! :smile:

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