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  • Nordic Horses whishes you all a merry christmas and a happy new year!0_1514199435378_merry-christmas.jpg

  • We got a little foal today, he is called NZJ Rubinero von Phoenix and he is after NZJ Shadow Girl and Bailarino von Phoenix.
    I cant wait to see what he will be when he is 3 years old <3 Today i got this photo of Rubinero and his mother, 0_1532114702859_Screenshot-459.jpg

  • Free Jumping with NZJ Look Alike
    Today we free jumped our 4 year old oldenburg stallion Look Alike, We think he will end up good in eventing when he gets older, We cant wait to show him
    0_1534953679679_Screenshot-511.jpg 0_1534953715845_Screenshot-512.jpg

  • Training with TJS Spotlight
    Today i jumped Spotlight, he is doing very well and will be showed soon! I can't really wait for us to jump the high jumps, i know its possible so why not try it? Spotlight is a pleaser for his rider, and he has the potential to jump!
    Dressage With TLL Elusive
    We brought TLL Elusive From @Zatanna-Westerlund, Today our young rider Anna rode him for the first time. Elusive is a nice and cool stallion who will start to compete with Anna when they both are ready, Today Anna practiced some extended trots and Elusive nailed it! He was a bit grumpy in the start, but he got soft 15 minutes inside the training.
    Dressage with NZJ Look Alike
    Look Alike is a very good 4 years old, he is starting to figure out the dressage so i think he is ready to start jumping soon. Look Alike is going to be our new main stud! Look Alike was a pleaser today and he did all he could for making his rider happy.

  • 0_1536857410772_Screenshot-575.jpg
    Meet Tokyo Night
    Today we brought ourself a new star! Meet Tokyo night aka Tokyo, Tokyo is a 4 year old pinto oldenburg. Tokyo will be used for dressage and show jumping.. We brought him for selling him again but we cant do that now because we love him so much. Tokyo is up for stud too ( 2K since he has no points) We was told he was a gelding but seller lied and we ended up with the most amazing horse ever! :)
    Training with a silly Hot Shot
    Anna rode AF Hot Shot Today, He was scared of everything today! He is a silly boy but we love him. When the time is right we will start competing with him. He is one of our most silly horses :)

  • TLL Elusive kicked ass today at the Falsterbo Grand Prix II-Show jumping! He was so cool and jumped the level 1 course like he never did anything than jumping. Him han Anna was placed 1st and got a level up! :D Elusive have 10 points now and 300 in earnings! 0_1537363028529_Screenshot-630.jpg 0_1537363039661_Screenshot-631.jpg

  • Today our new Danish warmblood stallion arrived!
    Meet Aehrenthal's Fair Play who is a 3 year old danish warmblood.
    We will use him for dressage and maybe show jumping in the future!

  • Ah he is so pretty!

    I love your horses so seeing Tokyo for sale is tempting xD

  • @Lidija-Rotherford Thank you, Tokyo is a very eye catching horse! I'm so sad that i dont have en time for him because he is so lovley :D

  • @Nathalie-Jensen said in Nordic horses blog. New horse:

    @Lidija-Rotherford Thank you, Tokyo is a very eye catching horse! I'm so sad that i dont have en time for him because he is so lovley :D

    I must sit on my hands not to buy him haha :heart_decoration:

  • Ooooh you have a scrappy :heart_eyes: Definitely stalking :heart:

  • We got this Part arabian mare yesterday, her name is Blue Night NZJ. Blue has a lovley blue roan sabino coat, she is the most special horse we got this year .
    Josephine rode her today and she is a pleaser, she was so calm in her trot and bended really nice, Blue is a really good 4 year old mare <3
    0_1543827226146_47195571_504467996733119_2364327385609797632_n.jpg 0_1543827229981_47380446_504467986733120_838255342755250176_n.jpg

  • All your horses are wonderful :)

  • That Arabian mare is stunning! 😱😍

  • @Katharina-Opalhaven Thank you so much, when my new stable is finished i will update alot more than i do now! :D

  • @Veola-Loveless Thank you, She isn't with me anymore but you can find her at Clementine Laake's stable :D

  • 0_1544097232605_Screenshot-74.jpg
    Meet Sephora FX
    Here at Nordic horses we where super lucky to get this stunning mare! Sephora FX is from @Eowyn-Vance.
    She is a 4 year old holsteiner mare we will use for show jumping.
    We will take her out for our first ride tomorrow.

  • Sephora is a lovely little mare!

  • Congrats on winning her! She is gorgeous, best of luck with her :heart:

  • Thank you both <3
    Sephora is the sweetest mare ever!

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