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  • Oh you've got some spunky babes! Monsuula a really cute jump, I like how speedy she looks! she looks like a strong mare.

  • I can't stop loving Chestnuts! You should make me a horse some day, all your horses are soooo pretty! grabby hands :heart_eyes:

  • @Marquis-Moulin Thank you! Monsuula really likes to jump so i think her future is quite bright! :)

    @Regina-Walker Thank you Regina, I cant take credit for Monsuula... But my import service is open atm :)

  • 0_1578828998077_82419356_774697016376881_6993839824713023488_o.jpg
    WPW Cosmic Calico
    Sarah arrived at the stables in the morning, The weather was ok for a ride.
    She decided to jump on Calico, as soon as she got in the saddle she could feel he was a energy ball.. The training went well and Calico was tired, Sarah lead him back to the stable and untacked him and gave him a bath. After the bath he came back to his stall to dry.
    WPW Anacortes
    After Calico was put in his stall Sarah walked over to Anacortes in the mares barn, Anacortes was planned to be ridden but she lost her shoe, Sarah called the farrier to see if he could come. He didnt have time to come today so Anacortes got a day off, Sarah put Anacortes' halter on her and lead her out to one of the smaller pastures.
    Nordic's Royal Comeback
    After Sarah put Anacortes in the pasture she saw Nick arriving, she asked him if he wanted to ride Comeback today because she didnt have the time to do it. of course Nick wanted to try Sarahs stallion, Nick went to the stallion barn and took Comeback out and started grooming him. After about an hour Comeback was saddled and ready to go, Comeback was a bit fresh in the beginning but as soon as he started to work he was relaxed and did what Nick asked him to do.
    After the ride Comeback was untacked, groomed and let out in the pasture.

  • I love so much Calico <3

  • That tri-coloured horse looks amazing! :D

  • Calico is so stunning and original ! :heart_eyes:
    But I really love Anacortes, this noses marking is so amazing !

  • @Ian-Salvatore He's very lovley, hopefully if all goes after my plan calico will be up for stud in the future :D

    @Regina-Walker Calico is super pretty! Puck makes some good horses :D

    @Shagaia-Nedja-ri Thank you, Can't wait to show more of them :)

  • Calico is suuuch a gorgeous boy! I imagine he turns a lot of heads in shows!

  • 0_1579356014957_82395076_780042882508961_4021509017481248768_o.jpg
    Canelles HX arrived today, she have been on a long journey from Scotland to Denmark.
    She was exited when the trailer opened.
    Sarah lead Nelly out of the trailer and into the stable, she could see the sweet mare was tired and needed some rest.
    Nelly is such a sweet mare.
    Nelly got into her new stall and drank some wanter and laid down,
    Thank you @Eowyn-Vance for letting me have her <3

  • very beautiful mare <3

  • 0_1579427300835_82379544_780169689162947_956356558164328448_o.jpg
    Meet one of our new dressage riders, her name is Alicia Jensen and she is 24 years old and comes from Denmark.
    Alicia brought her own horse Agora L, Agora is a PRE mare imported from spain.
    Sarah started the day with training out young mare IRCE Sunrise Delight, Sun did so good and didnt slow down at any of the jumps.
    Sun dosent think the jumps can get high enough, we can tell she loves it!
    After the training Sarah untacked her and Put her out in the pasture.
    When Sarah came back to the stable Birkebei Monsuula looked at her and Sarah decided to take her out for a little dressage lesson.
    Monsuula was a bit fresh in the beginning but she ended up being nice and calm and bended as Sarah wanted her to.
    After the lesson Sarah took Monsuula back to the stable and untacked her, Monsuula was lead out to the pastures and the first thing she did was rolling!
    The last horse of the day was Canelles HX, Sarah took her in from the pastures and started grooming her, Nelly loved it and kept beggin for treats.
    When she was done grooming her Sarah tacked her and walked out to the arena. Nelly was a´bit unsure about the big outdoor arena and tripped a bit and looked around making sure there wasnt any chestnut pony eating monsters, Took about 10 minutes for her to finish playing scared circus pony and after she was done she was ready, Sarah mounted and started working with her, after they walked for 15 minutes Sarah asked Nelly to do a trot, man what a trot! Nelly is a dream to ride and is so sensitive we nearly wont have to touch her before she responds.
    Sarah and Nelly finished their ride and walked back to the stable where Nelly was washed and dried and lead out to the pastures where she was let out.

  • I love Sunrise and Canelles !

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