Merry Christmas Luna Andrews! ❄️❄️

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    :christmas_tree: Hyvää Joulua Luna! :christmas_tree:
    Dear @Luna-Andrews ,
    This year I was lucky enough to be your secret santa! I was super excited when I was told I would be gifting you this year. This year I was able to give you almost everything. Unfortunately our elves aren't at the intelligence level of making retextures but we were able to provide you with a few other festive gifts, including, two tickets to redeem, three noble steeds, (four, five, six, seven, eight, nine) ten new fun poses, and a small surprise marking package that you'll find when everything has been downloaded! :angel:
    Your new noble steeds :horse:
    The first gift will be three new horses for you to love on, explore and gallop around with in the beautiful Finnish landscape.
    Time to unwrap! :gift:

    :evergreen_tree: RME Mielikki :evergreen_tree:
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    Meet your new pangare flaxen chestnut Finnhorse mare Mielikki! She is 15hh and is second generation, her Dam is our Finnhorse Anneli, Mielikki carried her sweet pangare coloring with her as she aged from an immature foal to a now mature horse, and she has the sweetest and kindest eyes with long lashes! She is a bit of a diva, she is probably the cleanest horse you'll ever meet, she somehow is able to keep her white socks clean even in the muddiest conditions. We don't know how she's able to pull it off but we don't complain! She loves having her picture taken and like her Dam she thinks she's a big warmblood, they both have a way of appearing taller in pictures then they actually are. Little Mielikki loves sliced apples, she refuses to eat them whole because it's too sloppy. :nail_care: Even though she has annoying little antics she's a lovely horse to ride and will try her heart out for her rider. One of her most favorite things to do is go on long hacks through the forest which is why we named her Mielikki.
    We expect that she'll do well in eventing, and feel free to add a Sire or change up her Dam it's up to you! She comes with her own custom face marking. :slight_smile:
    :sparkler: RME Scintilla :sparkler:
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    Next is Scintilla she is a fifth generation seal brown Finnish Warmblood, her Sire is RME Surf 'N Passion and her Dam is RFE Flamma. Flamma isn't registered/hasn't started competing yet (she'll be starting in the new year) so we did some complicated scientific things and had one of our broodmares carry Scintilla. Scintilla is already quite tall, she stands at 16.3hh and will most likely stand at 17 hands when she's full grown, she's built big (with a bit of holiday chunk (perfect for snuggling)). Around the barn we call this sweet mare Sophie, she loves peppermints. She is probably one of the sweetest mares I've ever met, she is very shy and only opens up to people she truly trusts, and she LOVES to cuddle. After every ride she expects a little cuddle time in the arena. Sophie has been training in liberty and is now quite advanced in it she's able to walk, trot, and canter liberty circles. We expect that she'll be an excellent Show Jumper because of her big canter strides and even bigger jump. She loves jumping and is able to pop her big body over very big obstacles, she receives 22 bonus points in Show Jumping and 9+ in Eventing and a few dressage bonus points, she comes with a main site profile so you'll be able to look at her relatives. :slight_smile:
    :cookie: RME Piparkakut :cookie:
    alt text
    Now the last horse is a foundation Finnhorse stallion named Piparkakut, now you're probably wondering why I named him "Piparkakut" considering he is black and the piparkakut cookie would suit a chestnut horse. Well he was given this name because of his love for these cookies! We have a girl who brought some of these cookies to the barn once and Piparkakut couldn't get enough of them. Around the barn we call him "Peter", and Peter is most definitely suited to dressage. He is very sensitive to leg aids and when he's ridden properly he really shines. Naturally Peter has really forward, floaty, and free movements the only way to get this under saddle is to ride very quietly and let him do his thing. He has been trained well in dressage and knows some upper level movements like extended canter and trot, flying lead changes, and he is starting to get the hang of half passes! On the ground Peter is a little spooky and a piglet, he loves his breakfast and dinner time and he is one of the loudest horses while he's waiting for his grain. He is a very particular horse and prefers to be inside at night (afraid of the dark?), he doesn't really like cuddles and tries to avoid cuddles as much as possible. He is a bit stubborn and can be grumpy with other horses, he doesn't really care if mares walk by him, he may look for a second or two but then he continues munching away on his hay. Nonetheless he is a strange horse. :confused:
    I hope you like these three! Feel free to add parents to Piparkakut and Mielikki, they don't have any main site profiles so it's all up to you! And also feel free to make any changes to their coats and conformations!

    A few poses :horse_racing:
    The second gift is just a simple gift with a few poses for your new horses or for your Finnhorses back in Finland! There's ten poses, each pose has an example picture in the file so you don't have to wonder what pose you're picking.
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    Two Tickets to Redeem :tickets:
    Lastly I'm gifting you two tickets that redeem two different things!
    alt text
    This ticket redeems ten face marking of your choice! I made you a small surprise face marking package but I wanted to give you the opportunity to pick your own markings in case you were looking for something specific!
    alt text
    This ticket redeems you twenty horse and rider poses! Like you would've seen I did create some poses for you but like the markings I want to give you the opportunity to pick reference pictures of poses you want done.

    I hope you enjoy your presents Luna, thank you for being such a nice person here on Equus Sims. And thank you for sharing pictures of your perfect little fluffy horses! I've definitely started to fall in love with Finnhorses, and pretty soon here Anneli is going to need to be bred.. :eyes: Anyways I've had such a great time making your gifts, PM me here with your email and I'll send everything over. :hearts:

    ->:christmas_tree: :santa: Hyvää Joulua :santa: :christmas_tree:
    I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year! :snowman2:

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    Zinnia, I was hoping to add a reaction gif to this but honestly – there are not any around that could describe anywhere near how my heart melted from all the kindness and warmth these gifts made me feel. I usually like to check pretty much all the boxes in the Secret Santa app to give my Santa as free reins as possible and possibility to choose whatever inspires them most but you... you decided to make pretty much all my wishes to come true instead picking one or two. Oh my, I seriously don't know how to thank you enough. Thank you.

    To start; all these horses, oh my! All of them look so adorable and I can't wait to see them in my game! You have no idea how long time I have longed to have a foal out of Anneli, and now, there she is! Mielikki looks so lovely with her long eye lashes <3 Scintilla looks gorgeous, and I don't know how you knew this but I have had a thing lately for seal browns so she is perfect! I think our other warmblood Zabudok W will be over the moon because it looks like he just got himself a girlfriend and now he no longer needs to be the only warmblood at Ratsumäki! Her pedigree looks incredible too, just wow! And Piparkakut... What a stunning boy he is! Can't wait to meet this strange horse! xD I have no words how much those descriptions touched me – you have made them so great personalities it makes me cry of happiness. And last but not least – the names you gave to these Finnhorses are nothing less than perfect. I love them.

    Then, poses. They all look amazing and will surely be used :heart_eyes:

    At this point I was already so spoiled... but there were more. Surprise markings (can't wait to see them!) and then those tickets... Woooooow. You know, you probably made me the luckiest girl in this community. :girl_tone2: <3


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    __________________________ <3 <3 <3 __________________________

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    PS. Anneli is welcomed to pick a date for herself among our gentlemen for free and I want to give something small back to you as well. I hope you had wonderful Christmas and your new year should be full of happiness because that is exactly what a kind person like you deserves :two_hearts:

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