Merry X-Mas, Jasmine O'Connell

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    Dear Jasmine @Jasmine-O-Connell,
    I was your Secret Santa this year. I have tried to make you all the things from your list. Through I am not completly finish now, I decieded to already give you the things, which I already have done. So you don't have to wait until I finished fighting with my CAS thumbnails.
    I hope you have a nice time with your friends and family.
    Scroll down to unwarp your gifts.

    First Gift

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    You said that you wanted to have "Any breedings from accomplished warmblood(SJ, dressage or eventing)". And since I am a passionated Irish Sport Horse breeder, the first gift is a ISH filly out of some of my best ISH lines.
    The filly is out of Hoofbeat's Scáthach and by my stallion Hunting's Prince of Gods.
    We are sure Celtic's Eimhear will be a great Eventing prospect(bonus: +16) in the future. She also should get bonuses in Show Hunting and Show Jumping.
    She also comes with a custom shader(which I used together with some public markings) and a custom face marking. Do whatever you want with her, but please keep her show name as it is.

    Second Gift

    This is the one I didn't get finish in time. When you want I can already tell you what it is. If not it will be a surprise. Your choice if you wan to know it. Since there are not many things missing, you probably already could guess what it is.(I am so sorry that I didn'tget that finish in time)

    Third Gift


    You said: "I would love if I could get a few blankets and/or saddle pads that say "Silver Glade Stables" somewhere on them."
    So here is what I come up with. A blanket with your stable name on it(on both sides). It is based on one of Carmen's blankets. It should look alright in game, that black scratch is only visible in TSRW, but clever me forgot to take a preview pic in game.

    Fourth Gift


    Since I wasen't sure if the third gift is really what you wanted. Here is a ticket for a retexture of your choice. When gift 3 isn't really what you wanted I can give it another try or make a completly different retexture for you. So far I have done saddles, blankets and pads, but I am more than happy to try out new things for you.
    I hope you have a great christmas. DM me to get your gifts.

  • aH ohmygosh JASE

    this is all so perfect I don't even have words <33 ahhh thank you so so much!!

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