Merry Christmas, Constantine Vale!

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    Dear Constantine,
    I was delighted to hear that I was your Secret Santa this year! However I was really sad to see that I could not fulfil all of your wishes, actually, I could only fulfil one of them... And I didn't want to be a person who brought you only half-finished and bad gifts..So that is the true story behind finding Constantine's hair as well, if you remember? So he wouldn't be half-finished :')

    This year I wanted to give you something special that not everyone else has in their game, I wanted you to have something unique and nice for your barn...or even your home! Especially since I couldn't give the gifts you so badly wanted!
    So I retextured a polaroid collage, just for you!

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    This set contains three polaroid collages (six pieces in total) and you can mix and match them together, they can also be moved up and down the wall so you can place them wherever you want. They do of course, include pictures from scrapbook, and each collage even got their own little notes! The mesh is not created by me, so I take no credit for it. These are only retextured.
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    GIFT #2
    In addition to the set of polaroids above, you'll also get a gift card for 15 custom paintings of your desire, all for free! The best thing is that you don't have to claim it yet, you have until 31st December next year to decide!So save this card somewhere safe and send it to me whenever you're ready to claim your gift! And take your time <3
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    GIFT #3
    Since I've only started creating markings, I couldn't give you your sabino fullbody markings, nor poses because I don't know how to do them yet - I've decided to give you at least something smaller - a set of 10 custom markings! These can be Sabino, Overo, or just minimal markings! It's all up to you! Save this card somewhere safe and contact me whenever you're ready to claim it! Please remember to send references of the markings you want as well! <3
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    Even though I couldn't give you everything you wanted, I hope you'll enjoy your gifts! <3 They might not be the most exciting santa presents, but they will for sure come in handy if there is some markings or paintings you just need to have in your game!
    The set of polaroids will arrive in your inbox later today, so keep an eye out for them!

    Merry christmas Constantine!
    from your(not so) secret santa :santa_tone2:

  • OMG!! Diana you suprised me so much! All those gifts are wonderful and I really appreciate them. Polaroid collage blown my mind - it's perfect. Ticets I can use later - ideal! So please don't be afraid you haven't fulfilled my wish list, as I wrote in my message, anything will be greatly appreciated and your gifts made me very happy. Also, special thanks for Constantine's hair - now he looks like himself ;)
    Merry Christmas to you too Diana and for you all guys! :heart:

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