Brace Your Elves....This is for Treyvor Storm

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    Brace Your Elves.....yeah Christmas puns! @Treyvor-Storm good one right?
    Merry Christmas Treyvor - I was your secret santa - who was late this year, I have never liked santa myself but hopefully these pretty awesome gifts are enough to excuse the lateness.

    I have 3 gifts for you this holidays.

    Gift #1
    LG Gingerbread is a spritely young mare with lots to say (if she was human) but the excessive neighing should do the trick. She is a 4 year old palomino dutch warmblood mare with a cute little snip to boot. She loves carrot cake but refuses to eat carrots - go figure.
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    Gift #2
    LG Snowman - another Christmas themed name because its so original, right? This horse is hot to trot, a big white tobiano beast (grey if we are being specific - also sporting a super weird blood mark! =) who loves the holidays - every day is a holiday to this horse. He is a 6 year old dutch warmblood stallion - geld him if you please.
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    Gift #3
    Due to the lack of custom markings on these horses RIP photoshop I am giving you this voucher for 5 face markings of your choice redeemable after January 10th new PS is coming Hit me up when you have some references.
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    Well, we hope you enjoy your new presents, please send us your email so we can send all your gifts over to you! Merry Christmas <3

  • Erin these two are wonderful! And a face marking voucher is perfect as well!

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