What laptop to buy?

  • Hi guys;
    I finally have a little money to spend and since my current laptop is a pain in the ass, I would like to buy a new one.
    So does someone can maybe tell me what I need to look for?
    I have no knowledge about computers and so on so it is a little difficult for me. What should it defently have what mustn‘t it have.
    Maybe someone can even say me a good laptop on which sims runs quiet quick and nicely? My budget is 800-900€, but when I am honest i would prefer to not pay more than 600€.

    I am happy about every tips and advices.

  • No one has a advice for me?

  • I have an laptop from Levono. Maybe there is something for you. But I don’t know if you want a real gaming laptop or a laptop to play sims and do something for work/school, etc.

  • I have a semigaming laptop.
    Runs sims very smoothly, even with tons of cc.
    Only con I can think of is that there isn't a lot of space, due to the harddrive being ssd.
    I'm soon going to get an external harddrive for pictures :stuck_out_tongue:
    My laptop is an Acer Aspire E17 e5-774g-53vb, I got it for around 820€ and they were definitely well spend :)

  • I never recommend a laptop, but that's just my preference. if you want to run a game like the sims, it's generally better to have a desktop (they last longer in my experience than a laptop and it's a better investment).

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    I'm getting a HP Pavillion 15-cb059na - it's a more serious gaming laptop and does clock in at £850 where I'm buying it, but if you're wanting to run other games other than sims then it would work well. Sims itself doesn't need some fancy laptop and graphics card - I run it on my 6 year old laptop with a generic Samsung graphics card, it's not as crisp as others but it's not exactly awful. It all depends on what you need really!

  • I've been looking at getting a MSI but it's mainly for like gaming which I assume is the MMORPG games and not a Sim game. But I know Selene has a MSI she would be able to give a better insight with how it handles Sims, but they also have different versions of the MSI laptop and I'm getting the like $700 one since it's the cheapest.

  • Before I bought my Desktop I played sims on a Asus Republic of Gamers laptop. It ran my sims really well as well as CAW (if you are interested in creating worlds as well) Its a pretty nice little laptop, I bought it for roughly $1,000US so not sure what you could get it for in Euros. Maybe look at some refurbished gaming laptops as well? Hope this helps! I agree with Breanna tho, desktop is the way to go, much sturdier!

  • Thank you all. I finally have a idea for what I am looking. Even through it seems that I need to save a little bit more before I can buy one

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