Merry Christmas, Erin Cooke!

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    A bit belated this year, but here is the first of (hopefully) two gifts! Santa's elves have been hard at work and a little robin told them you like colourful horses... so here is a lovely little broodmare to hopefully add even more colour to your lines. This Puchilingui daughter is a darling four year old Thoroughbred, recently backed and eager to start her new career as a riding horse. She's a bit of a diva with a tendency toward drama; be it tacking her up or braiding her mane, nothing is ever simple with this filly. She likes to be the boss and tends to form a small little clique of mares in the pasture that she's highly protective of - try and steal her friends and she won't be afraid to bite!. Unfortunately for her she's developed a bizarre fear of miniature horses that she just can't seem to shake :thinking:

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    pm me here or slack (probably easier) and i'll send along her file and marking!

  • What even is this magic? This is incredible! Seriously.....I am in love! <3 <3

    Good representation of me when I opened this thread....I only got up to go to the toilet but something told me to check the forum....glad I did.
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    Thankyou so much Eowyn! <3 I am dying!

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