Merry Christmas, Miranda Gage! ♥

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    Dear Miranda,

    somewhat belated (but I guess it's better late than never :stuck_out_tongue: ) I'm pleased to present you your Secret Santa gift. :blush:
    Your list was short but you've mentioned you like warmbloods with fancy markings so I decided to make your wish come true.
    I even learned to create costum markings just for this purpose. :smile:
    So here comes your fancy new horsey:

    alt text
    alt text

    Pacific Popsicle FN, a bay sabino Dutch Warmblood stallion. He comes with his own costum marking.
    His sire is WPW Pacific Chrome and his dam is Levana FN. Both parents compete in Eventing so he would currently get a bonus of +4 from them. Of course you can change his discipline to whatever you prefer.

    As a second gift I wanna give you a voucher for a warmblood import of your choice, incl. costum marking.
    You can redeem it whenever you like!

    alt text

    I really hope you like your gifts even when they came a little bit late this year. :smiley:
    Please DM me when you are ready to claim your horse and I will send you his files and his main site profile!

  • @Fiora-Healy oh my gosh!!!! He is amazing!!! I can’t thank you enough!! :heart:

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