[ENDED] Trakehner Stallion +6 Pts

  • Banned


    • Don't change the name or the prefix.
    • Don't change the bodyshape, coat color or eye color.
    • Don't resell the horse without my knowledge!
    • You can change mane, tail, shine and tack.
    • The horse should compete in shows.

    Starting Bid is $11000
    Minimum Bid increase $500
    Auction will run till 31th of December!

    Hilke's Canaletto
    Campino x GRE Golden Sun

    Hilke's Canaletto is a 5yo stallion, who competes in Show Jumping, his parents aren't registered at Equus.
    He currently has 6 Pts in Show Jumping, but his carrier has just started. Hilke's Canaletto is a studious and willing stallion, who wants to please his rider and tries to do everything right.


  • Starting bid! :kissing_heart:

  • Banned

    @Erin-Ward accepted!

  • Banned

    @Erin-Ward Congratulations, you won him! Please contact me per Slack or direct messages!

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