[Ended] Austrian WB Blind Raffle

  • Last time I did one of these it hit off(but this was for Thoroughbreds) as I am trying to bring in an increase of this breed to Equus I decided I shouldn't hoard them all to myself and just host a friendly nice raffle... ya know :smile:

    These two are examples
    alt text


    • Please do not change or alter the template at all, this is my personal template and I do not approve of anyone tampering with it.
    • Please refrain from saving the template to be used on future horses.
    • Please refrain from saving the coat to be used on other horses.
    • Detail, shades, and shine markings can be adjusted, you are welcome to replace any missing markings of your horses as well.
    • Do not change the gender of the horses at all, they are what they are.
    • You can enter for more than 1 horse, but you are only allowed to win 1 horse.(Unless there aren't a whole lot of entries then you may win 2)

    If no entries by January 1st images will be posted

    Level Cap
    Dressage 10
    Show Jumping 10
    Show Hunter 10
    Eventing 10
    Hunter Paces 10
    Carriage Driving 10
    Combined Driving 10
    Field Hunter Trials 10
    Classical Dressage 8
    Halter 8
    Horse Ball 5
    Polo 5

    ((Heavy build))
    The ideal discipline for these 4 are Dressage, Carriage Driving, Combined Driving, Classical Dressage, orHalter

    Sin's Powell (1)
    Chestnut Stallion

    Sin's Capon (5)
    Flaxen Chestnut Mare

    Sin's Levisa (2)
    Grey(Bay) Stallion

    Sin's Corsica (2)
    Bay Mare

    ((Light build))
    The ideal discipline for these 4 are Show Jumping, Show Hunter, Eventing, Hunter Paces, Field Hunter Trials, Horse Ball, Polo, or Halter

    Sin's Alloway (3)
    Dark Dapple Grey Stallion

    Sin's Patapsco (1)
    Black Stallion

    Sin's Savannah (5)
    Sooty Bay Mare

    Sin's Lynches (1)
    Grey(Black) Stallion

    How to enter

    Comment below with the following
    If you want more than one horse, PLEASE put the one you desire the most in front.
    Your name:

    Thank you all and good luck!

  • Due to no entries images will be posted in the coming days :)

  • Great idea ! I hope I could help you promote that breed and your warmbloods are lovely :heart_eyes:
    Your name: Levi Rosenthal
    Horses: Sin's Capon - Sin's Alloway - Sin's Savannah

  • I love the variety of breeds in Equus, so...

    Your name:
    Horses: Sin's Lynches, Sin's Corsica, Sin's Capon, Sin's Levisa

  • Wow! Great raffle <3
    Your name: Darya Macarova
    Horses: Sin's Savannah, Sin's Capon, Sin's Powell

  • I didn't know people entered, do you all want me to post images of them or hold off until I draw? I'll most likely end up extending it 2 extra days if need be.

    Since clubs are a thing and if people want to help I may do an Austrian WB club to promote the breed. I know a few of my Facebook friends(who I don't think are on Equus) are getting some from me, and overall I am happy that people want to help promote the breed. Shame I picked 2018 to bring it around even though I do believe the breed itself was accepted into the MBL back in sumer of 2017(I think?)

  • Your name: Jarik Engström
    Horses:Sin's Capon,Sin's Corsica

  • Your name :
    Horses : Sin's Capon, Sin's Savannah

  • Your name: Nathalie Jensen
    Horses: Sin's Patapsco Sin's Alloway

  • Raffle ends tonight however if you all want it to I can extend it 2 extra days.

  • Moderation Committee

    Your name: Nebriniel Saralonde
    Horses: Sin's Savannah, Sin's Patapsco, Sin's Alloway, Sin's Lynches

  • Banned

    Your name: Mirja Hilke
    Horses: Sin‘s Savannah, Sin‘s Alloway, Sin‘s Levisa

  • Your name: Isabella Khrazenzia
    Horses: Sin's Savannah, Sin's Patapsco, Sin's Alloway, Sin's Lynches, Sin's Corsica, Sin's Levisa, Sin's Capon, Sin's Powell

  • Closes in 2 hours(8pm EST) owners will be picked on Sunday or sooner.

  • So I'm doing just like last time. Draw some at a time.
    I'm redrawing something seems off and I'm like unsatisfied with how the drawing went. Bare with me true results will be up Sunday (hopefully!)

    Last 4 will be ready to go tomorrow(unless I have another exhausting day at work then they won't be drawn till Monday).
    Refrain from commenting down below, winners pm me. 4 more left to go. I'll try to get them up by tonight but no promises, please bare with me I'm on the brink of passing out after picking up an extra 4 hours(totaling up to 9)

    Sin's Powell, our hot headed stallion has the nasty personality of a chestnut mare. Watch your digets.
    Winner: @Isabella-Khrazenzia
    alt text

    Sin's Capon, she's sweet and innocent tends to easily attach herself to the other mares she's also a momma's girl and will follow her rider around.
    Winner: @Jarik-Engström
    alt text

    Sin's Levisa, he's willing but chews on the bit, he likes to test his riders even if they've worked with him for many hours at a time.
    Winner: @Mirja-Hilke
    alt text

    Sin's Corsica, she's a treat hog, the escape artist we like to call her. Keep your eye on this one.
    Winner: @Irene-Crownguard
    alt text


    Fixed the winners I had horses mixed up. OOPS MY BAD!
    I won't be upset if you don't enter in another raffle I host I think it was mixed up because I was exhausted when I wrote them down.
    Again the 'light' winners will be posted tonight and these ones are correct :)

  • OMG I am so happy <3
    And she is such a beauty <3

  • Administrators

    Aaaah I'm so sad I missed this, these horses are so cool!

  • I posted the winners in the wrong place BAHAHA!

    Okay okay I'm not the smartest ;)

    Sin's Alloway @Levi-Rosenthal
    alt text

    Sin's Patapsco @Nathalie-Jensen
    alt text

    Sin's Savannah @Katherine-Star-Ackles
    alt text

    Sin's Lynches @Nebriniel-Saralonde
    alt text

    I have to finish the last 2 horses due to working full time and weekends I couldn't finish them in time.

  • Banned

    This post is deleted!

  • Awesome !! <3

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