Varieur's Emporium [Open]

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    • All horses must retain the Varieur's prefix and registered under the creator ID #9822
    • Mass upload of the horses or their custom markings is NOT Allowed
    • Coat Color, Markings, Body modifications (other then the edition of shine and detail markings) is NOT allowed
    • You MAY : Give horses parents, change the mane and tail style ( not the color), choose their show career and traits, give them the personallity of a hippo or the personallity of a cranky mare yet they're a gelding`
    • You must enjoy the horse!
    • Photo requirements is one photo for every six real life months, horse must remain active in shows.

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    • Standard import (Bay, Black, Chestnut, ect) with minimal markings: 7,000
    • Moderate import (Dilutes/Overos/Toveros/Minimal Appaloosa): 10,000
    • Challanging Imports (Dilutes/Sabinos/Tobianos/Dom White/Complex appaloosa): 15,000

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    Imports Name:
    Imports Breed:
    Types Of Markings (Currently can not go off references but can try):
    Do you agree to the rules?

    Examples in our scrapbook

  • Is this still open? :)

    imports Name: not sure yet sorry, could you surprise me?
    Imports Breed: Thoroughbred
    Package: Standard import
    Color: Bay
    Types Of Markings (Currently can not go off references but can try): surprise me :)
    Do you agree to the rules? of course!

    If you cant surprise me ill find a pic haha

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