H o l e n • Welcome to Holen! {12.29}

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    You're entering a beautiful place, away from the noisy civilization and hassle of everyday life. Please listen to the gentle song of birds, smell the fresh smell of grass and discover our quiet stables. Throughout this album, I hope to make you taste the tranquility of this place and show you our wonderful horses. Your comments are welcome! Take care. :hibiscus:

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    F A C I L I T I E S

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    S T A F F

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    H O R S E S

    Name Breed Gender DOB Color Discipline
    Maïssane HLN Arabian Stallion 02/14 Bay (Ee Aa) Dressage/Endurance
    Jazmeen HLN Arabian Mare 08/15 Grey (EE Aa) Dressage
    Mulawa HLN Arabian Mare 05/17 Grey (EE Aa) Endurance

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    Impossible to start this new year without sharing with you the latest pictures of Maïssane, our stallion of heart. These photos were taken this morning, while Rose was saddling him for the first training of 2018. The soft and almost mysterious atmosphere seemed to stir the horse curiosity.

  • N A J E E M

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    We're proud to present you Najeem HLN, our chestnut stallion. He's trained in show jumping by Amanda.

  • Really pretty arabians <3

  • I can‘t wait to see more of you and your horses!😍

  • What more beautiful horses! I love your editing of the images ... it's very smooth. It looks very cute. ^^

  • I like them very much :heart_eyes: they are very cute!!

  • What beauti

  • You truly have an eye for graphic design, thumbs up :blush:

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