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    Dead End has excisted since 2013, but has had a lot of different owners through time. From 2013 to Mai 2015 Dead End was owned by the Ambloods, more specificly Estelle Amblood. She ran Dead End with help from her only daughter Grethel Amblood and two staffmembers, Irina Wilson and Alice Kruse.

    They didn't have that many horses at the end, but when Dead End opened the first time Estelle bred Canadian Sports Horses. Because of economic problems they had to sell all the Canadian Sports Horses. The only horses they had left after that was two Oldenburg stallions, an Friesian Partbred and two American Saddlebreds. Estelle tried really hard to bring the stable back to it's heydays. Sadly that never happend and Estelle was forced to sell the rest of the horses and the stable, because she didn't have the money to run the stable anymore. 

    For the rest of 2015 to August 2016 Dead End had a lot of different owners. Really not anyone big or famous and Dead End was forgotten. It wasn't untill August 2016 that a woman named Therese Evans saw the stable for sale and decided that it was the stable for her. 

    Therese has run into some financial troubles and was, almost as Estelle, forced to sell her own stable Elm Street and almost all the horses. She could only keep 3 horses, but when everything was sold, she actually had money to buy a smaller stable. The price for Dead End was nothing big and was on restraint, which is why Therese decided to buy it. She remembered Dead End and it's heydays from when she was younger and it was a dream come true that she could by the neglegted stable. 

    ​ She was so happy that she could by her childhood dream stable and threw money at the owners. More than the stable was worth, because she just had to have that stable. 
    But there was one problem. Some other people wanted Dead End too and they bid more than she ever could. And that was when Therese contacted some old friends from other stables, Freya Frejsdóttir from Stald Akur and Melodie Coleman from Lorick Stable. Freya and Melodie helped her financially. They both have a nice amount of money because they had sold their stables - because of financial troubles too, and agreed on buying the stable togheter. 

    Freya and Melodie didn't have time to help with the everyday running at the stable, so they gave the responsibilities to Therese. They were only owners on the paper and they profited from sales of horses, but that was it. 

    But at 2017 Therese bought the two other parts out. She has become an elderly woman, and gave up the stable to her oldest daughter Eva Elizabeth Evans. New Dead End has moved to England. Eva has sold almost all the horses, and bought new ones for the grand opening of the new stable.

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    The younger Evans has taken over! The new owner of New Dead End is the lady to the right: Eva Elizabeth Evans. She is helped by her two younger siblings: the lady to the left, Lana Sörine Evans, and the guy in the middle Evano Marcus Evans.

    The stable is different too. Eva has moved the whole deal to England, to be closer to her grandparents. And Therese and Sarah has of course moved with them, but has been retired. The only kept one horse from the old stable: NDEE Edelstern, and then some of the youngsters too, but must more about that later on in the next update!

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    Gunnar (NDEE Guns n' Roses) is now ready for getting showed and judged. He is such a cutie, and I'm looking forward to see the results! I think he did really well, that guy, but I don't know yet, if he has done well enough for the judges.
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    But he is not the only one being showed. The now seven years old Toronza is now ready for showing too. She has been broken in just a year ago, because of the moving to England. But now she is ready for it, and I hope she will do well.
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    Part two of the shows is on! This time it's our guy Olaf (NDEE What's my Name) who is on the line. He was really good, but he is also 10 years old, so he has tried a little of this and a little of that. He didn't even look at the christmas decorations.
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    We took Flo (NDEE Flo n' Run) with us to the show, even though the show is only for the adults. But I thought it would be good for her to see a little more of the world. She was really good too. Very calm and easy to handle. It's very nice to take her with you to such a place.
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    Today we were at Western Manor's Holiday Rodeo to show of our horses for the first time! It was totally exciting and awesome to get to show them of, finally. The first one up was Olaf (read: NDEE What's my Name). He didn't really seemed up for the competition, but completed his program anyway. He really tried, I could feel it, but he was scared of the banners and got spooked a few times. At this picture he looks pretty contend and happy while doing the jog.
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    The second one up was our young mare Dolly. This was her very first competition ever, and I sure hope she did well, because I thought she was good. Even though standing still isn't her finest skill.
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    The last one up, from our stable, was Gunnar (read: NDEE Guns N' Roses). He really liked it, I think, showing of his moves. At the picture he is loping happily, trying to do his best to please his rider, my sister Lana.
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    It was a snowy day today. Finally we got some snow here in England, and I would like to show of a picture of the horses in the snow. They were so cute. Especially Annie (RDC Annie get your Gun) who is from somewhere with no snow, so this was her first time seeing snow. I really couldn't stop smiling when she laid down rolling around in the cold, white stuff we call snow.
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  • I really like your pictures 🤗

  • glad to see you back ! lovely pictures :heart_eyes_cat:

  • Nice pictures, i like your horses.

  • Your bran Looks Awesome!

  • You've got lovely horses! I can't wait to see mroe!

    "Hey Eva!" My sister Lana yelled at me, when she lead our 'little' girl Flo (NDEE Flo N' Run) outside in the snow. The mare expanded her nostrils and looked at the with stuff with big eyes.

    She was all grown up, and ready to be mounted for the first time. Normally it wasn't a problem, because we trained a lot with the youngsters, from when they were foals, but Flo was our little darling and we might have spoiled her just a little bit. But now when she has grown big and strong, we had to train for seriously with her, to not have her becoming dangerous.

    "Yeah?" I answered and looked at Flo in her new saddle and bridle. It wasn't, of course, her first time with either saddle or bridle (and bit), but she munched on the bit for a while before relaxing again.

    "You ready?" She asked in a friendly tone.

    I shrugged and nodded. Sure thing, I was ready. Or at least as ready as I could be. I put my foot in the stirrup, but got second thoughts. No, not that way.

    "Can you help me a little?" I poked to my sister, trying to get her attention.

    "Sure." She looked at me, and helped me up. I stepped on her folded hands and she lifted me. And then I was on the young mare's back! She just looked at me, nipping my boots and standing completely still. It was a success!
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  • How sweet! It's hard not to spoil your babies, isn't it?!

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