What breed do I choose?

  • So...I think I'm gonna breed one of my PRE stallions with my Oldenburg mare. They would make for a rather nice 2nd-gen dressage foal.
    The thing is tho, I couldn't find "Iberian Warmblood" listed in the Master Breed List. Still considering to suggest adding that breed to the list. However I'm just a tad bit lazy to research and provide all the detailed information :sweat_smile:

    I'm just not satisfied with the idea of registering the foal as a German Riding Horse either, since in my personal opinion, that breed should only consist of warmbloods and maybe a bit of thoroughbred :shrug:

    Therefore, I guess I'd register it as a Grade then. Now I have the choice between Baroque Grade and Warmblood Grade. Should I just register my horse's offspring based on wether it looks more baroque or warmblood-ish, or is there something else I should consider? I don't really wanna end up with the chance that my horse might have trouble to live up to its breed's name and standards.

    Thanks in advange for any advice and helpful opinions, have a happy new year!

  • Since for the discipline level the parents caps, it wouldn‘t matter as which you register it. When it looks more barque register it as a Barque Grade and when it looks more WB, register it as International Sports Horse.
    But maybe the Spanish Sport Horse is what you are looking for?

  • Hmm, yeah I suppose Spanish Sport Horse would do some justice. Seems like I'm so overtired that I totally forgot I could also Ctrl+F "Spanish" instead of only "Andalusian" and "Iberian" :'D
    That alone helped a lot, thank you!

  • This could also be registered as a Spanish Warmblood from what I've read of them online.

    "History The Spanish Warmblood Breed was developed by Marji Armstrong at Yardah Stud from its Andalusian horses and purposeful crosses with quality Thoroughbred and Warmblood mares, followed by highly selective line breeding."



  • @Treyvor-Storm I'm not sure about that, since the Oldenburg isn't listed as an allowed outcroos but TBs, while the Spanish Sports Horse says "Or any WBFSH studbook excluding ponies."

  • You couldn't register the foal as a German Sport/Riding Horse as PREs are not allowed in the studbook, anyway. The German Sport Horse isn't just a horse mixed with any breed there is. The German Sport Horse is a merged studbook of Brandenburg-Anhalt, Thuringa, Saxony as well as the Zweibrucker studbook because of it being easier to plan and organise. But this is in no way a collection point of every breed mixed with a warmblood.

    (Sorry, I just wanted to make this clear).

  • @Aliisa-Pohl Which is why I wouldn't have wanted to register the foal as such, cause the name German Sport Horse probably means that it's a melting pot of German sport horse/WB breeds, but I mean you never know, basically every WB born in Austria can bee registered as an Austrian Warmblood, even if it's like 50% Holstein and 50% Württemberger.

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