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  • Facilities:

    alt text
    Our main barn offers spacious stalls with soft wood shavings or sweet straw for the horses, two was stalls, a tack room, and a feed room. It is well lit and comfortable with box fans provided for each stall. We offer boarding for visiting competitors to shows hosted at the stables complete with locking tack trunk rentals.
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    Our spacious indoor arena, capable of hosting show jumping and dressage. It is air conditioned in the summer and heated in the winter.
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    Our pastures are able to house 3-4 horses each and are rotated regularly. There are two stallion paddocks to keep stallion separate from mares and geldings.


    Name Breed Gender Primary Discipline Secondary Discipline Rider
    HB Snow at Dawn Dutch Warmblood Stallion Show Jumping N/A Emma
    Shade of Diamond American Paint Horse Mare Reining Halter Dallas
    SiLS Lotus Gypsy Vanner Mare Dressage N/A Crystal
    AWE Pyrotechnic Thoroughbred Stallion Eventing Show Jumping Addelle
    NA Phara Arabian Mare English Pleasure N/A Rodney
    HB Gold Rush American Paint Horse Stallion Reining Halter Cyber


    Name Job Link to Bio post
    Addelle Watson Stable Owner/ Rider Coming soon
    Crystal Watson Rider/ Groom Coming soon
    Cyber Wolf Co-Owner/ Rider Coming soon
    Emma Main Rider Coming soon
    Dallas Winston Rider Coming soon
    Rodney Singleton Rider/ Groom Coming soon

    About Hidden Brook Stables

    Hidden Brook Stables was founded by Addelle Watson in 2015 with her first horse HB Chipped Onyx, a black Quarter horse stallion that sadly passed away. She reached out to her best friend Cyber Wolf to help manage the stables and grow their popularity. Hidden Brook evolved from a Western Barn to involve both English and Western, focusing mostly on English disciplines. Addelle invited her teen sister Crystal to live with her and be a groom at the stables in late 2016 and has slowly expanded the staff at the stables to include three other riders and they plan to keep growing.

  • Our facilities:

    The main barn:
    alt text
    Finally, a barn that I am actually happy enough with to not rebuild it instantly. XD This barn was made with a stable shell, I forget where I got it or who made it so if you recognize it and know the creator please let me know so I can give them credit.

    The pastures:
    alt text
    Once again, actually pretty happy with these. The first time I have made them all connected and I quite like it.

    The indoor arena:
    alt text
    And lastly the indoor arena. I am so happy with how this turned out. I will get interior pictures at a later date, but just looking at it from the outside makes me happy too. It took me roughly 2 days or so to finish this and I do not regret taking all that time at all. Because this is the best looking arena I've ever made.

    I know this wasn't a horse update, but I am in the process of giving a few of them coat updates as well as finishing up making the last few human characters I need before I can introduce everyone.

    Also I know I said this would be story based but I decided to change my mind about that because I sorta started hating my story line and am reworking it from scratch sooo maybe later.

  • everything looks so cozy and beautiful!

  • @Jade-Nguyen said in Addelle's Blog: Starting over - Facilities over view, comments welcome.:

    everything looks so cozy and beautiful!

    Thank you!

  • Beautiful barn! I'm excited to meet your staff and horses. Too bad your storyline didn't work out, but maybe you can come up with something you like later

  • Introductions Part 1

    Today I would like to introduce you to two of our riders and their horses.

    We will start off with Emma Main and her KWPN Stallion HB Snow at Dawn, aka Snowman.
    alt text
    Emma is 21 years old, she has been riding since she was 7. Snowman is her first horse, a 4 year old stallion with the mentality of a gelding. They compete in Show Jumping, currently Snowman has 35 points and his first title in Show jumping. He is currently being leased out to @Allison-Person.

    Next we have Crystal Watson and her Gypsy Vanner mare SiLS Lotus.
    alt text
    Crystal, or Chris for short, is Addelle's younger sister, who moved out to live with Addelle as soon as she turned 18, she has been riding since she was 15, so she had a late start but she picked up on it quick. Her horse is SiLS Lotus, or Lotus, who is a 5 year old Gypsy Vanner mare competing in Dressage, where she currently has 20 points and is on her way to her first title. She is also out on loan to Allison.

  • Introductions Part 2

    Here are a few more riders with their horses, the last two riders currently dont have horses so they will be featured in another update.

    Today we will start off with me and my horse AWE Pyrotechnic.
    alt text
    I am the founder of Hidden Brook Stables, and a rider here as well. I ride a Thoroughbred Stallion named AWE Pyrotechnic, or Pyro for short. He competes in Eventing and Show jumping. He currently has 26 points and his first title in Eventing, and 21 points in Show Jumping.

    Next is Rodney Singleton and his Polish Arabian mare NA Phara.
    alt text
    Rodney met Addelle at a local horse show where she was giving tips to some young riders. They got to talk and he decided to join the show team at Hidden Brook. He rides a Polish Arabian mare named NA Phara, who is still pending registration in English Pleasure.

    And lastly is Dallas Winston and his mare Shade of Diamond.
    alt text
    Dallas is a close friend of Emma, and she invited him to come ride for Hidden Brook once they purchased their first (and currently only) western competition horse from @Nina-Ricchi. Shade is an AMerican Paint Horse mare who competes in Reining and Halter. She currently stands with 59 points and two titles in Reining, and 51 points and two titles in Halter, making her the horse with the most points at the stables.

    That concludes the horse and rider introductions. I hope you enjoyed getting to know all of our fine horses and some of our amazing riders!

  • "Like an old married couple"

    "Hey Cy, could you watch my ride for me? Maybe give me a few pointers?"
    "Sure, not every day i get to tell you what to do." He said with a playful smirk.
    "Oh shut it." Addelle remarked, playfully rolling her eyes at her silver haired friend.
    alt text
    "Good approach, next time try to get that extra stride off!" Cyber instructed as Addelle and Pyro cleared the fence. "Use more leg. More leg!" He said as the two made a hard turn to the next jump.
    "I am using my leg! He's just hot today!"
    "Excuses! Next time use more leg and keep your contact." Cyber said, crossing his arms. Addelle huffed at her friend as she did it again as instructed. "See? That was much better!"
    alt text
    "I asked you to watch my ride, not coatch it!" Addelle bickered as she trotted the stallion out before walking him up to Cyber. "And if you think it's so easy why don't you do it?" She asked with a small smile, patting Pyros neck.
    "First of all, you did ask for pointers, and second I might just have to." Cyber said, a smirk played across his face as he set his hands on his hips.
    "You two bicker like an old married couple." Came Crystals voice as she walked her horse in. "Now get out of the arena, it's my turn to ride and it's hard to do dressage when you have the arena cluttered with your jumps."

  • Introducing HB Gold Rush!

    HB Gold Rush, aka Rush is a 4 year old American Paint Horse stallion and is our second western horse here at Hidden Brook. He is a Buckskin Overo and is still pending registration, we hope that his future career will be a good one!

    alt text
    Rush here is still very spunky and hot hot headed, but also very flashy. When he showed up here at the stable he had to let everyone know he was here by putting on quite the show in his paddock. We look forward to seeing where he goes with his career.

  • Rush is really beautiful. I love his markings :) I also really like your pond in the facilities photo!

  • @Samantha-Jadirea Thank you! I did his markings with movable markings, he took me quite some time but Im so happy with how he turned out :slight_smile:

  • The Three Musketeers.

    alt text
    "Hey Rodney, you should bring Phara down here and ride with us!" Crystal chimed as she rode around with Addelle and Cy.
    "I'd rather stay here on the ground today, after all someone should be ready to call 911 just in case Rush decided to be a hot head like his rider." Rodney chided, his english accent letting out an amused tone.
    "Oh ha ha." Cyber snarked at their english friend. "Rush isn't that bad. He's calmed down quite a lot since I've began working with him."
    "Aww, did he hurt your feelings?" Addie asked, leaning over and nudging her silver haired friend, earning a shove to the shoulder and an eye roll.
    "And either way, the three of you make a good enough team with the whole bareback thing. Like your own version of the three musketeers."
    Addie and Cy glanced at each other. "I like that. Chris, Cy and Addie, the three Musketeers!" Addie chimed victoriously. The three shared a laugh. "Though next time we come out here, you are joining us, like it or not." She turned her attention back to the only horseless rider, who let out a defeated sigh and raised his hands in defeat.

  • HB Gold Rush looks so stunning :heart_eyes_cat: And i love the Storys you write too, so original and lovely! pls more <3

  • @Nicole-Löffler said in Addelle's Blog: Starting over - The Three Musketeers:

    HB Gold Rush looks so stunning :heart_eyes_cat: And i love the Storys you write too, so original and lovely! pls more <3

    Thank you!

    Some unspoken thing

    alt text

    "Hey Em! Do you wanna go for a ride with me? THe weathers perfect for it." Dallas said as he walked into the stable with Emma.
    "Now? Its already 5! Don't you think its a bit late?" She asked, standing by her stallion and placing a hand on her hip.
    "Have you seriously never gone night riding before?" Dally asked, almost shocked by this.
    "No. I haven't. It was too dangerious where I used to live. And dont we still have wolves out here?" Emma asked, now turning to the stallion who was nuzzling her arm for attention.
    "No. We dont. Come on, it'll be fun."
    Emma sighed heavily. "Fine. So long as we aren't out all night, I have training in the morning."

    alt text

    Galaxy riding pants? Seriously?"
    "You obviously have no sense of fashion."
    "I would like to believe I do and I believe that those are tacky as all-"
    "Oh, no one asked you."
    "Fine. Ignore my expert fashion advice."
    Emma rolled her eyes at her long time friend. "So can you explain to me where we are heading? I don't recognise this trail." Emma asked as they branched off the main path and towards the woods.
    "It's a surprise." Dally said, a smile gracing his lips.
    Emma shook her head. It was no use fighting with him.

    alt text
    alt text

    Are you sure the horses are fine just set up under a tree? What if they wander off?"
    "Or what if they spook? We should at least tie them to a branch or something."
    "Em. Calm down."
    "Dal. What if they run away."
    "They aren't children. Relax."
    "Snow is my child though."
    "Oh Em."
    The two continued talking there for hours, laughing and reminiscing as the sun began slipping through the sky.

    alt text

    "Hey Em. I have a question."
    "Whats up?"
    He paused, debating what he was about to ask her. "Nevermind. It was a dumb question."
    "There are no dumb questions."
    "Really? So can you drown a fish?"
    "I stand corrected. Congratulations Dally, you confused me. Again. Please tell me that isn't what you wanted to ask."
    "No. It wasn't. I was just being a doof."
    "Well be a doof closer to me. Its getting chilly. And you are like a portable space heater."
    "Is that good or bad?"
    "As of right now? Good." He scooted closer and the two continued to lay there, listening to the crickets and the soft sound of the horses grazing near by. "Hey Dal?"
    "Yeah Em?"
    "Let's do this again sometime."
    "Gladly. Now lets head home before Addelle sends a rescue team."

    alt text

    I hope you guys dont mind this more story\character development post, I had it floating around in my head for a few days and couldn't help it!

  • I love that second picture!

  • Omg I love this, bookmarking :heart_eyes:

  • @Samantha-Jadirea said in Addelle's Blog: Starting over - "Some unspoken thing":

    I love that second picture!

    @Serena-Hillinky said in Addelle's Blog: Starting over - "Some unspoken thing":

    Omg I love this, bookmarking :heart_eyes:

    Thank you both!

    A not so little problem.

    Bzzzt Bzzzt Addelle let out a groggy groan as she opened her eyes and picked up her phone. "What is it Rodney? Its only 6 and it's a sunday. You know this is my sleep in day." She asked, a yawn escaping her lips.
    "Um. Addie we need you to get out to the fields. There's a bit of a situation." He said. Addelle heard a loud whinny from the other line. "And please hurry."
    With a sigh she pushed herself out of bed and jumped into her clothes before hurrying out to her truck and starting the 20 minute drive to the fields. "What on earth?" She said out loud as she pulled up and climbed out of the truck. "Rodney, explain this please."
    "I don't know either. I just showed up to get the fields ready for turn out and I found him. He damn near came through the fence when I got here. I called Chris too, figured we could use all the man power we could get."

    alt text

    "Well, we cant keep him." Addie said as she watched the draft throw another buck.
    "But he's skin and bones! Whoever dumped him must have not wanted him." Crystal argued as the wild horse ran to the farthest corner of the pen.
    "I have to agree with Addie on this one Chris. Look at him, he looks like no one had laid a hand on him his entire life! And would you back up from the fence before he goes through it?"
    "He's just scared." Chris argued.
    "Look. Ill put out found posters, if no one shows up by the end of the month we will figure something else out. Till then;" Addelle turned to her sister. "No one touches him." Chris rolled her eyes at her sister, who turned back to the horse. "Just throw some feed into the trough from outside the fence and leave. We don't need anyone getting hurt."

    alt text

    "Can we at least give him a name?" Chris asked.
    "No. Not until the month is over, then you can name him whatever you want while I try to figure out what to do with a draft."
    "We could keep him." Chris said hopefully.
    "Where? He's too big for our stalls, we don't have a proper turn out in the fields. I don't want to leave him out here, but as of right now we are not set up for a horse of his size, and he's too crazy to even be handled." Addelle said, crossing her arms.
    Crystal went to argue back when the horse charged at the fence. "Back up!" Rodney shouted, grabbing the two and pulling them back. "Lets go settle this somewhere else. For now he needs to calm down."
    "Yeah. Ill call everyone and let them know whats going on. Cy might know where to send him. His uncle owns a percheron breeding facility, they could handle him." Crystal mumbled under her breath as she stormed off and Addelle sighed. "And now shes mad at me."
    "Let her steam it off. Im sure she will understand."

  • Quickly before the story I am having issues with my game (As per usual :rolling_eyes: ) and have been fighting with it to load since my last post, so I'm giving up for a day or two and sorting through my CC just in case its something I added recently. So please forgive the lack of pictures in this post, I will have pictures in my next post, promise!

    A not so little problem pt.2

    Addelle sighed heavily as she closed the laptop. "Still no responses about him. Its been two weeks already."
    Cy shrugged from across the table. "Well, From what I've seen, I think Chris was right, someone dumped him here."
    "We don't have the means to care for a horse that big Cy. We cant keep him." She said, setting her hand against her face for a moment with another sigh. "What are we gonna do?" She asked.
    "I don't know Add. I don't know."

    Chris sat next to the field watching the stallion graze. "I know you aren't crazy. You were just scared. " The horse seemingly ignored her as he kept grazing. She bit her lip for a moment, thinking before she began quietly singing. "Black bird sings in the dead of night, take these broken wings and learn to fly. All your life, you were only waiting for this moment to arrive." The horse looked at her. "What, you like that boy?" She asked, standing up and walking up to the fence. The horse took a hesitant step toward her. "Don't worry bud. I wont hurt you." He snorted and she sang again. He took another step toward her. "You like that song?" She asked, holding out her hand. The stallion reached out his head, sniffing her. "Blackbird. I think that's what I'm gonna call you." He gently set his nose in her hand. "Yeah. It suits you."

    Again, sorry for the lack of pictures in this post. I will get pictures as soon as possible and add them when I can.

  • Sorry for disappearing for a little while there, IRL got a little crazy. I hope to keep myself a little more active, but knowing how IRL is, I can't make any promises.

    A not so little problem, Pt 3.

    Almost a month after finding an agressive and underweight shire stallion abandoned on the property the crew at Hidden Brook couldn't find a new home for the horse. Addelle's younger sister, Crystal, developed a special bond with the horse. However, space and time were pressing matters with the new stud.

    alt text

    "Its been a month now and no one knows where to send him." Addelle sighed heavily as she sat down at the table.
    "Addie I can take care of him. He trusts me." Chris said as she sat across from her sister.
    "We have talked about this Chris. We don't have room for him here, he's too big." Not to mention the fact that he darn near took Cy's head off when he was putting feed out for him."
    "What if I find a place for him? He can be my horse, Ill find somewhere to board him, pay for his vet fees and his board. Please." Chris begged her sister
    "What about Lotus?" Addie asked, crossing her arms.
    "I'll find time for them both. " Chris said. "Please Addie. I've never been so serious about something before." She said.
    Addie let out a heavy sigh. "You find somewhere for him, you make time for both of your horses, and you don't get hurt." Addie said finally.
    Chris jumped up, smile growing across her face. "Thank you! I swear, you wont regret this!"

    alt text
    alt text
    Welcome BlackBird. He is not registered, but I might get him registered in the future. As of right now I have plenty of horses....

    As I say that I Introduce to you a new horse!

    A new paint job.

    alt text

    She sure is beautiful. Can't blame you for buying her." Cy said as he watched the new mare graze. She lifted her head to watch the shire in the next door paddock.
    "Well, I couldn't resist. She was a steal." Addie said as she leaned against the fence. "Im gonna ride her."
    "You haven't ridden western in years."
    "You can teach me. You ride soly western."
    "Maybe one day. But today is not that day."

    alt text
    Introducing OCS Docs Lil Chica, an import purchased from @Kody-Böhming. She will follow our other western horses and compete in Reining and Halter.

  • I love the tobiano mare <3

  • It makes me very sad to say this, but I am leaving Equus. My laptop has crashed yet again and Ive lost the will to keep fighting with it happening every month or two. Even when my laptop does work right, my game is so slow and glitchy that its no longer fun to play. If I have bought a horse from you feel free to reclaim them. Matbe one day when I can afford to get a better computer I may come back, but for now I regretfully must say Goodbye.

    Thank you all for making this site and the memories Ive had here possible. Farewell.

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