Merry belated Christmas, Kia Williams!

  • Dear Kia,

    I hope you had a Merry Christmas and great Holidays so far! I know I am verry late and actually, I am still not completely done with your present...but I can't let you leave 2017 without any kind of Christmas Present here on ES :)


    And the first part of your present also can't wait to meet you as you can see :D


    Myrrhe is a Black Dutch Warmblood Stallion who is perfectly suitable as Dressage Horse! He is a very shy Guy but when he gets used to a Sim he is a kindhearted companion for life. And even though he is very nervous, with trust and Patience we're sure you'll be able to reach everything with him!

    Some CAS Pictures:

    #1 #2
    0_1514732142597_Screenshot-4.jpg 0_1514732162869_Screenshot-5.jpg

    I hope you like your new Horse and he matches your expectations :) Please message me on Slack or PM via Forum to talk about other the presents and to receive this lovely guy :)

    So, again, I wish you a very merry belated Christmas and a very happy New Year @Kia-Williams :hugging:
    and a big sorry again that you had to wait that long :S

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