[Wanted] Akhal-Teke's

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    Looking for interesting Akhal-Teke's, old bloodlines preferred, doesn't matter about gender, color, generation or disciplines/points.

    Ideally to buy but maybe borrow for BIY (Sim file required & I use my own prefix).

    Let me know if you have anything, please post below & I'll contact those I'm interested in, many thanks. <3

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    I created a stallion a few weeks ago, just for fun. His name is Chanael Ahad’. He is foundation sadly and not registered yet. But maybe you like him? And sorry, those are bad pics haha.

    0_1514739738485_6341445C-B463-4B82-B66F-6AE615C6C4EF.jpeg 0_1514739775782_AF05FCE8-B962-4516-8098-D7F2BC8C5AEC.jpeg

  • I have a selection of Tekes for your consideration! The points of these horses may not be up to date since I've been so busy but they won't be too far off.

    Pharaohh Luqman
    Eventing (40p) alt text Flat racing (112p) alt text
    Show Jumping (13p) Eventing (58p)
    1st gen For sale / lease/ BIY 1st gen For sale/lease/BIY (note: older horse!)
    Bred by Maize Williams Bred by Farai Borde
    MBS Gülbahar MBS Polina
    Flat racing (120p) alt text Flat racing (100p) alt text
    No second discipline Eventing (0p)
    3rd gen For lease / BIY 2nd gen For lease/BIY
    MBS Zubaida MBS Mahtsheed
    Flat racing (50p) alt text Eventing (67p) alt text
    Eventing (4p) No second discipline
    2nd gen For sale/lease/BIY 6th gen For lease/BIY

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