New member, many questions

  • Hello I m new on the english sims/horse community and I m little lost :P
    I come from the french community and I have some difficulties to understand everything.
    First what forum corresponds to the site ? This one ?
    Then I don't find where I can register my horses in the federation of Show Jumping etc. We just need to have our horses registered on the main site ?
    The shows/competitions are stopped or It's just a break ? :3
    I havent' seen ( sorry if it's false ) at how many points the level of our horses change. So what are the rules for that ? :)

    Thanks you for your future answers ! ^^

  • Hey Maddie... so...

    1. Yes, this forum corresponds to the site. In February shows will be moved here as well.
    2. You can register your horses here: (after you create them a main-site profile)
    3. Shows are still running on the old forum until February, and then they will be here.
    4. Dunno about the levels though.

  • thanks and thanks you for your patience.

  • Administrators

    You can find information about how horses progress through levels in this guide.

  • @Elsie-Spectre thanks !

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